Useful Apps: Vol. 02


May has been a fun and productive month. Aside from entertaining and cooking quite a lot, I've been finishing a couple of fun projects, one which will be coming up shortly.

Remember this post? As promised, I have tried out a couple of new sites and apps that I wanted to share with you. These are the ones that made the cut, including two that I've already used for a while.

This is not only a website, but BzzAgent has an app as well, ensuring that you as an influencer can get the most out of their services. BzzAgent is a site that allows you to gain access to diverse brands and full-size quality products for free. BzzAgent is available in the USA, UK, and Canada.

I recently used this site, thanks to the blogger that I met at the airport and in my opinion, I like it a bit better than Influenster, but it solely depends on your profile. For example, if you have a child, then you'll get to give honest reviews on products related to you as a parent, your children, and more versus a person who doesn't have children.

You can always update your profile, and by taking your initial surveys (and ongoing surveys as you gain Bzz points) the parcels sent are tailored to your interests.

Spare time, anyone? 
Even if you don't have loads of spare time this can be very beneficial if you're interested in learning about new brands and becoming a part of a great community. Each review, whether you do it multiple times via social platforms or once on the Bzz site/app, increases your BzzAgent score and chances for future opportunities. You can opt-out of any opportunity once it comes your way.

The product range includes campaigns for grocery stores, beauty products, household appliances, free vouchers, discounts, and even men's tools and grooming accessories, amongst many others. From kitchen campaigns to hair dye systems, everything provided in your Bzz kit(s) are entirely free. By giving your honest opinions on each campaign invite that you receive you can share it with friends and family, and get rewarded in the process. The more thorough and honest you are the better activities you'll receive. Each of your reviews is actually read and rated by their team.

BzzAgent also connects you to MyPoints, another great site where you gain points by shopping online, which essentially equals to free cash in the end in the form of gift cards from your favourite retailers, restaurants, and/or actual PayPal cash, etc. I use MyPoints when I shop online at some online stores.

Relax Melodies
Upon moving to any location in the past I've always been able to adapt well. Thus, I've been able to sleep through many sounds: hearing city streetcars, sounds of nature on a summer's eve, or even the sound of drizzly stormy nights.

Whatever sounds you love to hear when you're reading, relaxing, or catching some shuteye, this app can be of good use. I recently used Relax Melodies when I babysat my nephew and trying to get him to sleep because my singing voice, ahem ... just wasn't working that day. I remembered that I had my Smartphone in my pocket and set the app to a lullaby. You can add your own music too!

From the sounds of an orchestra to oceanic waves, you make one selection or layer multiple sounds to play all at once. Brilliant. You can also upgrade to Pro if you like, but this is simply another great and free app to try.

SWorkit (Simply Work It)
That's right, you read it correctly, "SWorkIt!" This is one of my favourite apps. To be honest, I don't remember downloading it on my iPhone, but a few months ago I finally used it. It's fairly different from traditional health and fitness apps, focussing on your workout at any given time. Of course, I have my "go-to" apps, but this one has been getting much on-the-go use.

It's the perfect app for travellers as well. When I don't have an hour or two for a workout, that's okay. How about five minutes? Yes, you can do five-minute workouts, that are exactly that, as well as create a custom workout for yourself.

So, there's really no excuse, especially since you can link your Spotify account with any workout that you do. Select from cardio, strength, yoga, or stretching workout. Get a high-impact, low-intensity workout, or just do some stretching. Whatever you choose from—five minutes to sixty minutes and with or without a thirty-second break in-between, it's your call. Look at it this way, the time that it takes you to wait for your food to get finished baking in the oven, you could have done a workout.

What do you think about these free apps? Have you used any of these apps and websites?  


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