Wolford and Lace


I have recently been in the market for new shapewear for a few months, as well as legwear. I'm the type of person that will wear fun tights and hosiery all year round. Even though I adore legwear and textured pieces, finding something that also has some type of support other than the usual isn't always on my mind, but definitely an added bonus.

Hosiery and lingerie shopping is one of my favourite types of (fashion-related) shopping that I enjoy doing. The appearance and the hand of a fabric in hosiery/legwear is generally what catches my eye first.

A while back, I went shopping on the weekend for shapewear and came back with lingerie. Slightly distracted from other tasks that day, it didn't cross my mind until I was making dinner that I had forgotten about what I initially went in the store for.

I didn't locate the shapewear that I had been wanting, but the day wasn't completely unsuccessful. I had a surprise parcel waiting for me after work with these support leggings form Wolford, so I tried them out.

I have loads of legwear, but one of my favourite brands is Wolford. And, in addition to Wolford, Veneziana, and Falke (another favourite), I have bought my fair share of hosiery. I've not tried these velvet tights before, and it's not like the "velvet" texture that you're probably thinking. This pair is slightly different, as they are a smooth support legging style that is supposed to help with the form and shape for your thighs and legs as you wear them.  

I tested them out, and to be honest I could not feel a difference at all. The next day I wore them for a longer length of time. Then, I took them off and felt the difference immediately. Again, it wasn't a gigantic one, but it was enough for me to visibly see and feel it at this time.

The quality is very nice, of course, and the fabric feels luxurious, although it's simply denier. I can walk, run, and do a little workout in these with no problem. I don't feel like the waist elastic is cutting into my skin, which after a long day is extremely important. The weight on this is heavier, and wears as a true legging with wonderful elasticity, but certainly not thin at all. Overall, I am very happy with them, and looking forward to trying their other shapewear soon.

Have you tried Wolford's hosiery and bodywear? 
The goods: Velvet Forming Leggings-c/o Wolford buy them here, Lace dress-DIY, Heels-Seychelles, Leather purse-Vintage, Necklace-Vivien Frank Jewellery, Studded belt and Top underneath-H&M. *All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. I think brown is a very beautiful colour on you! Love that vintage bag as well <3

  2. Love the print you look fabulous in that color you rock it doll.

  3. Leggings are so good for comfort and great to style! Your lace dress is so pretty, can't believe it's DIY, so talented. You look beautiful!


  4. Anonymous23 June

    Cute look. Leggings are so easy to wear and style. Love this look.