Anchored and Embellished


For summer travelling accessories, sometimes it's easy to forget to pack. And, with whispering fashion quotations like, "less is more," in our memory bank, the humid climate tends to distract (some of us) from packing favourite novelty items that could help transform that "special" outfit.  

Let's face it, accessories can completely make an outfit a casual work of art or a refined masterpiece. Although you may need the bulk of your fashion to have that no-fuss characteristic during your holiday, there are embellished pieces like these that are worthy of clearing extra space for in your suitcase.

I am all for lightweight packing, believe me! But, when it comes to my accessories, I put them on an entirely different fashion calibre.  
Renowned handbag and accessories designer, Mary Frances, does exactly that. She produces quality accessories that are completely on another level. It's a fine balance of art and luxury for all women to enjoy.  

Even for leisure travelling and laid-back excursions, I still take a couple of additional (cherished) accessories with me to wear. It's usually a favourite vintage necklace or pearl earrings. Sometimes, it's a special shoe (preferably high-heeled). But, other times, it's just a marvellous handbag. These special pieces go along with the other carefully packed accessories stowed away in my carry-all, but they certainly stand out from the rest. 

This beaded anchor bag and Lotus scarf were surely made to stand out from the crowd. It's also a testament to why Frances' designs have been exalted and worn by many women globally, including red carpet veterans. The attention to design detail in each piece is remarkable. And, there's plenty of tangible ornamentation that will have strangers eye gazing for miles at your whole outfit in broad daylight.  
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From colour choice to diverse silhouettes, there's something for every style of fashionista: the savvy theatre enthusiast, retro style maven, and classy cocktail connoisseur, amongst others. Have a view for yourself. Above are some of my personal favourites from the Mary Frances collection.

Being a nautical lover, I went for stripes for this relaxed daytime holiday outfit, then for the second ensemble paired a washable suede dress with the Lotus scarf, which can be worn a variety of ways. The scarf has such a romantic elegance about it, so I used pink and blue as my fashion palette. And, I will also tell you first hand that these accessories truly gave my look an additional boost of style satisfaction ... all paired with a bold lip, of course!  

What do you think of Mary Frances' accessories?

The goods: "Hooked" and "Anchored Mini Handbag" and Lotus scarf in "Socialite"-Courtesy of Mary Frances, Striped prairie dress-SimplyChic SF, Striped blazer-Consignment Shop, Handmade epaulet trim-DIY, Brogues-Burlington Coat Factory, Maxi dress-Love Culture (similar), Sequins bear belt-DIY, Glitter heels-DIY

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  1. You look fabulous love the scarf

  2. I find it hard to pack sensibly but I'm getting better and you are absolutely right about a few well chosen accessories making all the difference. That's a pretty scarf!

  3. Those handbags are awesome!!!