Style Files: Deep Waters


I have always been influenced by nautical elements, and not just in my sartorial style. It all started in my adolescents. Going on family day trips with a fully packed gourmet basket, and taking boat rides seemed like a simple and elegant way to stay cool with a breeze during a humid summer. Then, came the love of miniatures and classic patterns: collecting sailboat figurines, wearing Breton striped knits, or even decorating with maritime inspired textile prints and furnishings.

That's probably why I gravitated to this dress. I wore this only to meet a friend for lunch, because it was my day off, so my vintage flats were perfectly comfortable for the journey. Have you ever worn a garment that made you happy, but then hours later you couldn't wait to change your clothes? That's the only way I could describe this dress. When I put it on, it felt fine, however the longer that I wore it, something about it irritated me. I was sort of in a rush because I wanted to run an errand beforehand.

Finally, after running my errand (which almost ended up a parcel nightmare), I unbuttoned an extra button on the front, and was alleviated to have some fashion freedom. Generally speaking, it didn't feel that constricting, but the top portion was slightly off, so it eventually felt as if I buttoned a shirt wrong. This wasn't buttoned wrong.
Sadly, the bodice portion of this dress was ill fitting, so I've already decided that I will definitely be making this dress into a skirt. In fact, my shears are resting in their leather harnesses, because I've already sliced the seams as you read this. Yes, in the future, if you see this print on the blog it will likely be in skirt form.

Although, I may look slightly put off in these photos. I'm actually not. My foot was hurting at this point and this is the visual result: an unexpected glare, a slight grin, and a pouty stare.

Aside from my style dilemma, the print is a lovely and playful one, which will be a lot of fun to wear more bold hues with, given the colour combination within the pattern repeat.

On a positive note, lunch was incredible! But, then again, you can't go wrong with a delicious tapas bar, and libations for miles on a warm sunny day.

How was your weekend?

The goods: Printed dress -c/o Show in buy, Leather loafers-Vintage, Necklace-H&M, Leather belt-Urban Outfitters, Silk scarf-Diane von Furstenberg.  


  1. Looking stunning in that pretty dress.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous dress, love it! Xx