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Although it's tough at times to stay on a workout schedule when travelling, I do manage. As a former gymnast sometimes I reflect on the younger years, being so youthfully fit. But, to be honest, some days I don't feel like working out. I'm a morning person though, and usually prefer to workout in the wee hours of the morning to get it all finished. Otherwise, I know it likely wouldn't happen.

I'm the person in the airport who is doing a few discreet arm raises as I'm holding my carry-on luggage. I know, I'll even give myself an eye roll! Even in those extremely "comfortable" airline seats you can likely catch me getting up a bit and walking around at least once (for longer flights) on the plane, or getting creative and sneaking in small yoga style stretches in my seat.
Don’t worry, when travelling I respect others around me -- it's never anything like this!
UK based fashion retailer Get The Label is running an excellent campaign called, Stay Fit Don't Quit, to help expel the idea of what society deems as the "perfect body." Instead of being on a bikini body diet, they are being proactive in raising awareness for staying healthy. The concept is to let it be a lifestyle, and keep yourself fit throughout the year (without quitting), as opposed to trying to live up to the glossy standards of some of the mainstream media.

I chose to challenge myself with my own workout, in addition to wearing a couple of new fitness pieces that I have not tried before. In the past, I've only worn Reebok trainers, and I've never tried their performance wear. I'm happy with my Reebok selections -- the printed capris feel great on, and fits like a second skin (in a good way), and they're quite comfortable. The racer back sports bra is even better with the lining helping to keep you dry during a full workout! Both stood up against the test of a sweaty run and Pilates session pretty well.

Adidas and Nike has always been my staple brands for activewear, as I've mentioned several times on the blog, so it's no surprise that I m wearing them here. I loved the colourful print in this jacket by Stella McCartney for Adidas, as the bold colours were an obvious attraction at first glance. It's comfortable and lightweight too.

But, the only con about this StellaSport windbreaker is that online it says that it's a full-zipper in the front, which is why I wanted it. But, in actuality it's a half zip at best. On the Adidas site, it also says full front zipper, so that is definitely an Adidas error that should be corrected.

The hooded jacket is a pullover style, and comes with a breathable mesh lining. I loved that it wasn't long sleeved, but a semi-crop style and that the back of the jacket was longer in length, because I usually like to roll my sleeves up if I am on an elevated walk or morning jog. The 3/4-sleeves helps with that.

Do you have a favourite activewear brand that you usually buy, or do you mix it up like me? 

The goods: Stella Sport Training Windbreaker Jacket/Stella McCartney for Adidas, Reebok Strappy Sports Bra, and Reebok Capri Pants-c/o Get The Label, Grey tank-F21, Mesh breathable tank-Babalú, Nike Roche-c/o Mainline Menswear.

 Get The Label ships internationally. Check out new seasonal apparel and top styles here.


  1. Great outfit to work out in.

  2. Fab fitness look!
    Happy Monday :)


  3. Perfect fitness look


  4. Perfect look!

  5. Those leggings are awesome, I like fierce activewear!

    Tara x

  6. Anonymous22 October

    Totally love the jacket!!! Looks perfect on you.