Kitchen Bound In Provence


I have been sharing with you an in-depth feature of some of my favourite and unconventional subscription boxes for the gastronome, and more. This time we went to the South East region of France, concentrating on Provençal and Corsican specialities. As an epicure and traveller myself I always enjoy trying new foods related to areas we have travelled, or places we've longed to visit.

It's nice when you can savour memories (that remind you of special moments from the past) through food, or experience new flavours that you'd not typically buy. Panier (Pan-yay) is one brand that does just that, in a luxurious and delicious way.
Panier is a French food subscription service founded by fellow foodies, Pierre and Vicky. Panier simply means "basket." The husband and wife team created the brand to allow others to experience authentic culinary French delights. It's a different subscription box because they focus on speciality food prepared in each region as opposed to just selecting random fine foods. The variety is directed from the region selected.

I waited to dive into this box until we had a few foodie friends over, so it worked out perfectly. Panier offers three themed hampers: Goûter, Terroir, and Luxe Panier. They are each created in the spirit of French lifestyle and the culture of the (monthly themed) region.

Price Varieties: Goûter: $30.00 (includes sample items, and a couple of full-size items, not region specific), Terroir: $70-75.00 (includes 4-6 full-size items region specific to that month), or
Luxe: $100 (includes 5-8 full-size higher-end items region specific to that month) Each month a different region of France is covered. *You can also opt for getting prepaid boxes or monthly boxes.

There are also other seasonal panier "Combo" boxes that start at $25: Seafood, Breakfast, or Candy view here.

We received the Terroir Box, which definitely had that je ne sais quoi. Overall, this box came with several items that we were much familiar with, such as lavender honey and A L'Oliver brand. However, there were also marvellous regional favourites like chestnut cake inside the box, which we ate after dinner with coffee and tea. The chestnut cake came packed in a small tin.

Terroir is a regional area that is well-known for certain foods or drinks specifically produced only in that area; in which the food that's grown and produced there gives its unique characteristics, i.e., flavours and quality found only in that region.

I actually didn't know that chestnut cake was very popular from this region, as I've only had it when my grandmother used to make it because chestnuts are a great source of starch and fibre. This particular chestnut cake was dense, delicious, and not too sweet, which I favoured. I added fresh sprigs of mint to ours.

The packaging is well done. The outer part is of sturdy logo printed cardboard, and each item inside came securely bubble wrapped. There's a product informational card that tells you about the items within your box.
*You can Grab $10 off your first Terroir Monthly Subscription box with code: Panier10.

Verdict: This box is of great quality. Although this is one of the pricier foodie subscriptions I've tried, it's worthy of the expense if you can afford it --- most certainly if you're a zealous foodie, and Francophile. The Luxe hamper also seems like a tempting one to try.

If you aren't certain if you're keen on getting super fancy French delicacies, I'd say the Goûter box is for you. It gives you a good combination to sample and experience a variety of traditional French snacks, and sweet and savoury foods.

*Panier also donates a portion of each purchased box to UNICEF. This box came in about 85 USD worth of product, costing more if bought separately.

Extras and Inspiration:
I loved that Panier also thought about customers who may potentially want to visit the South of France. They included a visual paradise of a pamphlet with updated information on sightseeing to Marseille (Provence), and accommodations at Domaine de Murtoli's luxe villas for a dream worthy holiday in the countryside or by the sea.

What do you think of this French foodie box? Have you tried French cuisine? 

The goods: Terroir Box-Courtesy of Panier. Shop Panier's store here. This box was only sent for a review, all opinions are my own and honestly expressed. Right now, Panier has free shipping via US for Terroir and Luxe boxes. *Grab $10 off your first Terroir Monthly Subscription box with code: Panier10 (Expires 31 Dec. 2015).

   Fig & Walnut Jam also great on sweet potato waffles with cinnamon, scones, and olive bread. 
 Above: Raw dark chocolate with preserved orange slivers sans sugar topping.


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