Kelp and Caviar


I know it's been a long time since my last style post, so here it is! To be honest, these images were taken some time ago, but it will have to do. As always, I have been immensely inspired by art and food. Nonetheless, this outfit is influenced by a culinary experience. Although, not entirely my own.

We usually have sushi days, sometimes more than once a week, depending on the post-work mood, if anyone is joining us for dinner, and/or the weather. I'm not certain how much the latter really affects the "sushi" decision, because we're obviously going to eat anyway, but it seems to, in my opinion.

On a not-so typical sushi Tuesday night, we met up with a couple friends for an early dinner. It was nearly five o'clock! I was quite jet lagged, and between the four of us, I wasn't the only one. My friend Karin had recently come back from a trip and was telling us about her jaunts to candy shops from her travels. She has a very, very sweet tooth and seeks out candy shops like I seek out coffee bars and bistros, so this was nothing new. 

She arrived at the sushi restaurant with a medium-sized bag filled with miniature gifts and candies in tow. We ordered immediately, and she continued to give us her animated version of each candy shop experience. There was mostly salt water taffy, caramels, and various types of liquorice in her bag. My instant observation were the hues: all of the candy was full of colour, both bold and neutral.

Finally, it was time to dive in the sushi. By this time, she's explaining and pouring from her mid-sized bag … There was little room on the table, aside from the main course, with a hue spectrum of its own calibre. Only delicately wrapped pretty candies were able to be seen after she unloaded the one bag of what seemed to have a magical false bottom attached.

Just imagine, our sushi feast covering the table, but also a beautiful array of sweets (none of which I could eat, but I digress). Naturally, I was still eating my sushi, meanwhile everyone else indulged in the candies.

Our hospitable waiter, clean cut and lanky, kept checking on us as if he wanted to genuinely partake in our table conversations. He rapidly paced the floor with the speed of one trying to catch a moving train. His nervous energy only added to the already amusing dinner. He came by to check the table again, and everyone (with the exception of myself) had tongues of different colours from the candies eaten. But, I held down the fort and (after intense eye contact from the group) voluntarily became the spokeswoman for our table. All the waiter could do was laugh and shake his head.

That sushi night was basically what I thought about when I put my outfit together. All of that taffy, candied fruit drops, liquorice, and caramel candies all blended into my outfit. It was only later that I realised that it wasn't the candies at all that really influenced my outfit, it was merely the whole sushi experience on that particular night. So, here's my kelp and caviar look!

Keeping it comfortable in layers, I used my favourite vintage scarf as the main focus, since it's an absolutely gorgeous paisley print. I've had it for many years, and haven't worn it in a while. The hand of the fabric is even better—lustrous and smooth. And, can you believe it has the audacity to be "silky" too? As a textile enthusiast, sumptuous threads are indeed hard to ignore.

Needless to say, I was hardly lethargic after that meal.

The goods: Blazer-Zara, Grey V-neck sweater-La Redoute, Woven purse-Ann Taylor, Silk scarf and Boots-Vintage, Necklace-Happiness Boutique, Denim-Lucky, Hat-ASOS, Tank-H&M.
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  1. It sound you had a great dinner looking amazing.

  2. Nice combo dear, I like your booties! Kisses.

  3. I love your outfit! Great layering <3