A Tale of Six: Blog Birthday


Here are some highlights from 2015 for FASHION TALES. It was certainly a marvellous year for me both personally, and as a lifestyle blogger. Although, there were family hardships, like having to watch my mum go through breast cancer, but being a strong survivor. In the midst of chaotic periods there were many blessings as well: I got a promotion, helped decorate and attended weddings of dear friends, and met fellow bloggers in the flesh! I am immensely grateful for another year on the blog.

I'm uncertain how long I will continue the blog, as unrelated blog opportunities have come forward in other passions and skill-set genres. However, creativity will naturally be in whatever I do. As I am still growing this blog (six years strong), I look forward to discover what unfolds as I continue my journey.

A massive "Thank-you" goes to all of you dear readers, and supporters of this blog. I know, as a blogger we all have blogging days when it's absolutely amazing, and other moments when we might have writer's block, resulting in not feeling like blogging. There may have even been times when you've done much work on a blog post that was more labour intensive than others and it seemed that nobody may have appreciated it.

But, then there are moments when you receive such a thoughtful comment from unexpected bloggers, comments that lift you up, and inspire you to press on. This is why we must blog for ourselves first. When you are blogging for you (because you enjoy it and have a zeal for it), then you can also do it successfully for your audience. Yes, it's work. Hard work.

This year, I managed to share more food, recipes, new music, entertaining décor, emerging talent, helpful apps, and styling tips with you as promised. Don't ask me how time permitted, but somehow it did. There were a few DIY's, airport stories, and of course fashion (less outfit posts than previous years), but not less sophisticated style, nonetheless.

Thanks again for hanging in there and being such dedicated readers. Come celebrate with me of my six years of blogging. Stay tuned next week for something special! If you're a long time reader, do let me know what you've enjoyed the most?

How was your blogging year in 2015? 

 Above: Snapshots from some of my favourite posts, including, new artist spotlights, how-to tutorial on making potpourri, espresso corner decor, dark chocolate walnut muffins, styling gigs, and creative tablescapes.


  1. May you personal and blog world be filled with many more blessing.

  2. Six years? That is true dedication. And it shows a lot of passion and creativity. i hope the years to come will continue to see you grow both as a person and as a blogger and that many great opportunities, be they blog related or not, will show themselves.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking