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I love it when unexpected things come to you, especially when your day isn't the brightest. That's exactly what happened to me last month. I almost never check my Klout anymore, because it didn't seem to matter as much, but thought I would on this particular day of sifting through some of my social channels. Since I am officially on my holiday, I managed to get unplugged for several days, hence the pause in blogging lately and even more on my social platform updates. It's been wonderful, and was much needed.

I will share more of my foodie recipes made here, and perhaps a few holiday decorating elements that I've done along the way. In the interim, it might take me a while to get around to your blogs, so I'll check out some of your socials to catch up.

Thanks to Klout, I was able to use a perk given to me to buy this designer dress from Lattori. And, although some people don't blog about their Klout perks per se (because it's not required), I absolutely wanted to share the designer, Lattori with you since I fell in love with this dress.

Above: Other Lattori styles that I loved, including the back details of the silk dress I am wearing.

The Designer:
Lattori offers a wide selection in unique ladies dresses from classic styles to modern silhouettes. The co-founder herself, Julia Savenkova chooses to make dresses that highlights a women's personality, captures the mood of the client for whatever occasion, as well as inspire them with each wear.

The Customer:
Some of Lattori's offerings come in bold colour combinations, or even printed styles. There's a plentiful working palette that's suitable to be worn by the art enthusiast, global sophisticate, or any woman on an expressive style mission.

I chose this roomy silk printed dress mostly because I knew that I had nothing like it in my wardrobe. Lately, I've also found myself being drawn toward softer hues, which is quite special in itself given my devotion to wearing bright and bold colour blends. And, it has just the right amount of sheerness for a versatile look!

The hues in this dress actually reminded me of fabric folds of vintage jacquard that I had once missed out on years ago. I was out fabric perusing, and secondhand shopping with a friend and saw said fabric, but neglected to bring my tape measurement with me, so I left the fabric on the shelving. Moments later after finding a saleswoman, and using her tape to measure the length myself, I headed back to the fabric shelf and the fabric had dissipated.

The essential thing that I learnt from that situation was to remember to "carry all potential items to buy with you" instead of leaving them, just in case you change your mind before heading to the cashier queue. In my case, especially when it's a unique piece of fabric. Clearly, another customer also valued that jacquard fabric just as I did, because I couldn't find it anywhere, nor could I see who had acquired it.

This dress feels luxurious and it's very comfortable too. Naturally, I didn't expect anything less than a luxe feeling with silk. I've donned this dress twice already, and chose to style it a different way than I originally wore it the first time due to colder temperatures on the rise.
The goods: Printed Silk Dress-Courtesy of Lattori, Tights-c/o Gudrun Sjoden, Faux fur-Consignment shop, Leather boots-Vintage. 

Have you worn Lattori designs? What do you think of their pieces?

The Details:
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