Winter Favourites


I have been wanting to find a unique vintage style dress unlike some of the ones that I already own. After visiting a couple of charity shops I took the search online, and then to a friend's trunk of fabric remnants that she was going to toss.

Fortunately, I found two pieces of yardage from the trunk that I believe (if I cut very carefully) will be able to make a dress or skirt. It's one of the many tasks on my 2016 list, to sew more like I used to professionally and showcase occasionally on the blog.

Also, after perusing online I found similar vintage-inspired dresses that I liked on Sammydress' site, including this tartan belted dress, and a classic polka dots retro silhouette. There are plenty of items and selected pieces that include free-shipping. The brand asked me to select a few of my online favourites. I've not worn any of their dresses yet, but I've tried my luck with their tops, and jumpers as well as a few accessories. I laughed when I saw the Doctor Who inspired necklace, because I have a friend who would adore it so much!

I actually haven't bought much at all recently except beauty products (makeup and skincare) mostly. But, I did manage to grab a snugly faux fur coat before Christmas and saved it to wear afterward, then again for New Year's Eve. I loved it so much that I added a couple of colourful fur options below. Now, all I need to do is find an emerald green faux fur to add to my list of entirely practical seasonal wardrobe essentials.

Shop via Save an additional 10% with the code: "PromoproSD." This post is brought to you by Sammydress, but all opinions expressed are my own. Shop related items below:

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What's your favourite dress style? Have you bought anything new this winter season? 


  1. Hallo liebe Madison. Mir gefällt alles was du ausgesucht hast. Das tartan Kleid sieht wirklich umwerfend schön aus. Dr. Who habe ich noch nicht angeschaut, aber die Kette ist sehr cool. Wünsch die einen wunderschönen Montag!


  2. I love this style so much

  3. Amazing dresses!
    Love the plaid!


  4. I love the silohuette of vintage dresses the red gingham pattern is so stunning.