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We recently visited family friends over the weekend, as they're moving and making a new life for themselves in Queensland. We helped them with packing, so it's been a bit hectic. I took off time from the blog to be consumed in an extended and very relaxing slumber, but also to get other things sorted with a couple of new projects I am working on.

Since then, I have been inspired by the new homeware collection from Gudrun Sjödén. It marries two of my favourite elements: prints and peacocks. Initially, when I saw this embroidered floor cushion, I actually wanted three of them. They would make excellent conversation starters for our upcoming game night too, which is usually full of exciting tales including witty humour, and design-talk as well as all things food.

It's a shame I had to be practical because of fitting the cushions, space-wise, so decidedly I settled on one for the moment. I am in the middle of redecorating the living area, although our mod-theme still remains Morocco meets Ghana, I may still acquire another floor cushion soon. This embroidered pillow is filled with striking colours of violet, teal, and dark indigo hues. What's not to love?

The spring line is inspired by Istanbul, Paris, and Venice—not too shabby at all, in my opinion. Each location offers an undeniable profusion of historical, and artful surrounding embrace. The inspiration is evident in the collection as a whole, but I focussed mostly on Istanbul.

As always nature and travel played important roles in the development of their collection, so I included a few video stills of the marvellous trip to Istanbul and Venice. Both places were also at the root of my personal influence for the little art, sewing, and craft-making session that I had (see my images below).

The bamboo rug from the Istanbul part of the eco-collection also caught my eye with its floral geometric motif.  And, aside from the beautiful print work, the part that I loved the most (about the rug) was its lightness in weight. It's quite easy to stow away under furniture, or in the closet folded flatly when not in use.

This will likely be my essential art mat whilst sitting on the floor cutting and pasting tear sheets for collages, and making hand-made sketches in my scrapbook, or for a mere poetry read. I'm thinking coffee drips, or wine spills shouldn't be a problem either, given the rug's wipe-away "wax on, wax off" face aesthetic. Although I don't intend to make a mess on this bamboo art piece, I do love versatility!

What do you think of the new European inspired line? Do you have a décor theme in your living room? 

The goods: “Iznik" rug in bamboo in Light Indigo, Printed Eco-napkins, and “Istanbul” floor cushion in cotton in colour Turquoise, "Papaya" earthenware patterned plates-c/o Gudrun Sjödén. Shop the home collection here.


  1. Wow lucky them to make a big move like that. You are very kind to help them great display if items.

  2. They all look beautiful; very rich in texture.

  3. I'm certain that your new living area will look fabulous - Morocco meets Ghana sounds promising. Love those cushions. Have a lovely weekend Madison.