Hearty Décor


We baby-sat a friend's precocious daughter, Anya recently. She loves stars. Anything star related she will tell you about them. In fact, she'll likely be an educator one day, but that's beside the point.

I decided to give her a brief art lesson, teaching her how to make a popup card with star cut outs for her mum. Literally, hours of answering the darling Anya's questions, and many visuals later my hands were numb and my eyes were jumping. Tired eyes wouldn't begin to describe it.

Then, after a gulp of caffeine I was fine and proceeded with the task at hand. I contemplated making similar crafts, but using hearts. Afterward, I began to assemble my own crafting goodness of foam ornaments that I'd purchased last year. Instead of making cards, I wanted to design heart-inspired décor.
It's funny what can motivate you for a craft project, despite how simple or complex it might be.
I was making these thinking of various Valentine's Day projects for children, or for any adult with a playful side still residing within. One of the many results are these felt-foam hearts.

By the end of the craft project I was pleased with the foam heart balls, however I had no idea what to do with them. I know, vexing as it was, meanwhile I couldn't waste further time pouting about it. So, I put them atop candlesticks, in a mirrored bowl (with pearls and fur), and placed them randomly around the house to see what I liked best.
These DIY heart foam balls are incredibly adorable and easy to create. All you need is scissors, spray glue or (E6000), felt hearts of solid and glitter, foam ball(s)-circular/square, sequins (optional), and silk flowers (for second project). 

Project 1: Heart-Foam Balls
Step 1: Take felt hearts and lightly put a dab of glue on the backside of one heart, then carefully place the heart on the foam ball to your preferred area of the ball. Start glue from the middle of heart, working your way toward the outer edge. *(alternatively, you may use heart stickers, or spray adhesive). A glue stick, or E6000 works well. Pat each heart lightly, until all edges are adhered to the ball. Let the ball sit to dry for a few minutes.
Step 2: Repeat Step 1 until the foam ball is covered with hearts.
Step 3: Place more hearts on top of the foam ball, overlapping some of the hearts already glued to fill in any spaces. To get a three-dimensional look, use a small piece of paper or tape and fold it to a nail size (or tiny square) and place on the middle of one heart on the foam ball. Now, place a new heart on top of the folded tape/paper piece covering it with the heart, but only pat the edges of the heart so that the middle is slightly raised. That's it! Now hang it up, or place on table as a centrepiece.

Project 2: Temporary Accents: I also used florist foam squares to make small bouquets with silk flowers. Take the tops off the silk florals with attached leaves, and set in place on the foam. Adhere each bud slowly with hot glue. Shape and place in a basket or atop desired surface. Fit finished bouquet inside a basket or wide-rimmed container.

This is such a great décor treatment, especially if you want to change to seasonal floral colours, and/or want a quick centrepiece. I usually have fresh flowers in our home, but sometimes if we have a friend staying in the guest room I'll put silk flowers in the room just in case of allergies. It's a no fail option especially if you have family over with an infant or may want to reuse the florals for something else.

What do you think of these quick and affordable décor crafts?

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