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I love to keep myself busy, which is often an understatement, but to be fair, I do usually finish all of my projects. As a freelance stylist, sometimes I find myself having to use other aptitudes (aside from food and fashion skills) to interpret my client's visions and needs.

Even though my day job is on a completely different level of fashion (more on the business and science side of things) there have been moments when I've had to rely on my "DIY" ability, and quick thinking sensibilities when I least expect it.

Obviously, I enjoy Do-It-Yourself projects. Recently, after reading The Flower Shop by Ariella Chezar, I became overjoyed with excitement.  The book is excellent for crafters, an ardent DIYer, or anyone interested in floral arranging. Essentially, the best gift for me, because I am heavily into learning more about floral design.

She provides a diverse roster of materials needed for designs, which I appreciated. There are a few step-by-step guides and helpful information about the whole development process for creating art with flowers. Chezar is a true artist and uses nature as the canvas base for designing, and flowers as her paintbrush. You can easily see it in her work. Each creation shown is stunning, as is the photography loaded throughout the book. You will learn how to make champagne boutonnieres, flower curtains, handheld bouquets, and more!

 This book was everything that I had hoped it was gong to be: inspiring, visually    satisfying, and beautifully executed in depth, although there are more photos of finished  works than images of the beginning and mid-process points. It's a great guide if you're    looking to  start your own workshop, because after mastering these  techniques you're  well on your  way!

 Even though I have a long way to go from  "mastering" floral arranging, this  book has  helped me to fine tune a lot of the  techniques that I  knew  beforehand. It has also  enlightened me about using  an array of foliage in creating  garden and flower displays in  general.

 As I mentioned earlier, I am helping with styling a wedding, so The Flower Workshop will indeed be a great reference. I'm sure I will even use it as inspiration going forward.

Have you recently read anything enlightening for your hobbies?  
The goods: The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar. View more information about the author here. This book was given to me for an honest review by the Crown Publishing Group. All opinions expressed are my own. The book is available to shop here.
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