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You might have noticed in recent years that adult colouring books have amassed quite the following. Perhaps, you've even heard some people refer to them as meditational colouring books, therapy, or similar.

Although, some professionals say that colouring is similar to therapy but doesn't take the place of it, others say that actually creating art is more therapeutic than colouring. I find it both stress-relieving and fun, therefore at times somewhat therapeutic. But, of course it doesn't take the place of my painting or sketching time.

It has indeed become quite trendy though, and you may acquire "colouring books" that are so incredibly detailed. Some are so intricate that even as an artist myself (or anyone who can draw) can get addicted to shading inside the lines created by someone else.

These popular adult colouring books have recently been admired amongst creatives, business professionals, and essentially anyone wants to, you guessed it … colour! These books also topped the bestseller list on Amazon!

I recently received a new colouring book unlike anyone that I've ever had, called Paris Street Style by Zoe de las Cases. As you will see below (à la eco-friendly edition) I have also been partaking in some marvellous colouring of my own.
 Above: Gudrun Sjoden 2016 collection colouring book

Not only is Paris Street Style just the most adorable book, but it's filled with blogger style details that any style blogger and fashion enthusiast will love. This was such a fun and creative little book. Being a fashionista, I found myself taking this colouring book with me even in the airport. It was a great way to pass the time, but you'll find yourself loving the details and locations outlined within the pages as well. If you could use a break away from scrolling countlessly on a certain social media platform, then this one's for you!

 Location: Paris. Well, it's all the more reason to love shading inside the lines within this book. Even creating your patterns on the blank spaces was a lot of fun to do---that's  what I did on some of the clothing in the oh, so very "blogger" styled poses.

  In my opinion, this is a cute colouring book for adults, and I wish I thought of it! I also love the sleek cover; it's still stylish without being too conspicuous in telling everyone around you that you're carrying a colouring book, although they will soon find out. Right, but don't worry, because you're colouring très chic ensembles, beauty essentials, and Parisian boutiques.

Yes, I think you'll be needing this book if you fancy a quick art session, one that only involves selecting your favourite hues. Just pick a colour, and start the process. This book just might become a coffee table prop or carry-all essential very soon.

What do you think of Paris Street Style? Do you own a colouring book? 

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The goods: Paris Street Style by Zoe de las Cases. View more about the author here. This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the Crown Publishing Group. Buy this book here

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  1. So fab! I just bought a coloring book ;)