Walls of Wonderland


In collaboration with Murals Wallpaper I wanted to include a few images from a recent shoot to showcase a print from their Classic Literature collection. The recently launched collection includes commemorating the anniversary (1865-2015) of the ageless children's book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 

Can you believe that it's been just a hair over 150 years of this fanciful and marvellous tale? In the collection namely, this print is a compilation of John Tenniel's original artworks in 1865.

Mural Wallpapers (MW), specialises in bespoke wallpaper for every style of personality: the imaginative, artistic, minimalist, and even nature purist. Their professional design services provide an abundant pool of curated images for customers to explore for their next interior project, digitally printed to any size. Or, if you would rather upload your own image, then that's also available to do.

It's difficult not to have been somewhat influenced by Lewis Carroll's whimsy character, Alice. As a child, I had such imagination and creativity, but Alice's adventures were certainly more extravagant and colourful. The famous beguiling tale is full of amusement, trickery, imagery, and wonderful adventures, to say the least. It's a story that still manages to capture the attention of both children and adults today, igniting the child in us all in some way.

This print certainly allowed me to re-live childhood memories and frolicsome excerpts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

This was part of another photo shoot that I was involved in, so for this bit of décor I wanted to focus on the environment around the wallpaper print, but with a few special visual details. The MW in-house design team did an excellent job with printing the wallpaper, which is one-hundred percent sustainable.

Although this wallpaper would be a splendid addition to a children's room, I opted to take a more sophisticated approach, yet implemented vintage elements to show versatility. Instead of cupcakes, I added homemade biscotti and kept the sportive theme by using towering teacups, and a garland of poker cards that I made. From patrician guests to bourgeois mates, the clashing addition of fine china, and DIY paper cut-outs would be perfectly suitable for all to enjoy in the world of Alice!

What do you think of this print and décor?  Have you used wallpaper in your home or office?

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Murals Wallpaper is a Liverpool based company. All of their wallpaper is sourced from sustainable FSC registered forest. Shop the range at www.muralswallpaper.co.uk. *This is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I was never crazy about Alice and Wonderland story to out there for me, but was facinated with their wardrobe.