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Aside from this being in my top summer foodie book buys for 2016, along with these, Spritz, a book by Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau offers a perfect guide to the well-known Italian aperitivo cocktail. I wanted this book primarily because of the focus (Spritz!), as I don't have many cocktail books at all in my archives. Since we entertain quite a bit, this sounded like a favourable book option to have on the shelf.

Like many, I've delved into the occasional cocktail/bar bible, followed directions, and read a couple of books on creating your own bar drinks. For some reason, I never really got into it. My often dauntless ways in the kitchen didn't quite make it to expert cocktail making, and baking merely outranked it all. But, there's something incredibly enticing about cocktails, perhaps it's all aesthetic for the most part before taste. That's what I thought before getting nose deep into this book ... it turns out, it's all the above! And, the taste bit? Yes, that's definitely essential!

The Spritz Sessions:
I tried out several concoctions myself, and infused varied bitters along with sugar-free syrup options. We loved them! It's a slightly more elegant way of weekend quaffing with fizzles and all, and the absolute summer cocktail to love.

The real treat though wasn't solely the diverse cocktails that the book promised ... indeed, there was so much more! Not only is this book surprisingly detailed, but it also comes with recipes. There are great small plated bites to accompany your spritz. Some of the hors d'œuvres and snacks include Baccalà Mantecato, essentially a canapé with Norwegian stockfish (a Venetian favourite), oven-roasted olives (because regular olives are overrated), Spiedini di Mare (Venetian-style shrimp calamari skewers), and Mondechili (Nothern Italian meatballs), amongst others.
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The Who, Why,  & Where:
Who: Even if you don't partake in any beverage concoction that involves alcohol, you can make virgin-style cocktails from this book. There are plenty of options for inspiration, lessons in Italian spritz, and intricate tales all compiled into this vibrant treasure.

Why you need it: 
  • If you get this book just for the retro graphics and images alone, I'll say it's worth it. 
  • With minimal ingredients, it's also one of the easiest cocktails to create, therefore extremely simple to surmount nearly any spritz recipe, even the somewhat "complex" versions. 
  • This would make a marvellous coffee table book, although the book would gleam nicely on a small counter all on its own (with proper back lighting, of course).
  • Other offerings include, an in-depth knowledge booster on spritzes: from classic origins to some history with "Prosecco 101."

Where: Looking for a spritz hot spot? No worries, you're covered. In the back of the book, from Milan to Venice you will find cafés and other establishments serving spritz, as well as other cities. It's an added bonus and road map to treat yourself whilst travelling on your Italian holiday. Now, go forth and get your spritz on!
Above: Images are my own, and other images are taken from the book, Spritz. *I received this book from the publisher, all opinions are honest and solely my own. This post may contain some affiliate links.

Tell me, how do you take your spritz? What's your favourite cocktail?
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