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I used to think that whenever you're travelling (whether for business or leisure), it's nearly impossible to eat healthy the whole time, but that's not true. Nowadays, even more than ever, it really is simple to eat healthily … if you want to. Of course, we're human, so the occasional indulgent treat, be it a sweet fix of [insert your favourite pastry name], or even fresh baked breads can get the best of us at times.

Being a person with certain food allergies is no walk in the park. So, for me, reading ingredient labels is merely as natural as ... blinking.

I've collaborated with prime natural food retailer, Sunfood, to share with you a variety of their products, including superfoods and raw snacks.

Do you whisper to yourself, "My body is a temple" countlessly throughout the week? Right, ahem, neither do I, but if you're a raw food lover, a health and fitness advocate, or simply a "super-foodie" (pun intended), you will adore their range. The whispers will come later.

The diverse range doesn't stop at food. Their hair care, body care, and personal care products offered will have you buying vegan-friendly items without even becoming a vegan! I know, I'll give you a moment!

Rest assured, you needn't be alarmed about harmful chemicals in any of their foods, as the brand has items entirely free of toxic nasties. Their products are tailored to fit many dietary needs: gluten-free, kosher, organic, non-GMO verified, and vegan-friendly foods. International shipping is offered, so be sure to grab the special coupon code. Now, read on ...

I tried the maqui berry powder, cacao butter, pea protein, and coconut wraps. Here are some of the ways that I used them.  

Foodie Details:
The Coconut wraps were very interesting. I have not had these before, but they were so delicious that I will be buying more of them soon. These organic wraps are raw, filled with potassium and calcium, and made from the meat of the coconut. They're delicate with a crepe-like texture, and flavourful without carrying an overwhelming taste. I sliced fresh vegetables tossed with sesame seeds, and roasted red pepper sauce. I also toasted the wraps with cacao butter, and placed the pan-fried crisps atop a Greek salad. The paleo-friendly wraps can be used in lieu of flour tortillas.

We loved the pea protein, and I used it primarily in two different smoothies with the maqui berry powder, Greek yoghurt, almond granola, and organic peanut butter. It's also great with cashew milk in a morning muesli. It will keep you energised like a good protein bar, and I definitely foresee a savoury pea protein pasty experience in the future.

The pea protein is mild and made by using yellow peas, and it's filled with nutrients, amino acids, and eighty-percent protein by weight. This is the perfect alternative if you're looking for a soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free protein source. Phew, now that's a lot of "frees," so yes, I think you're covered!

I used the maqui berry powder and cacao butter in these delicious lemon-almond cakes that are also free of refined-sugar. Native to Chile, the maqui berry is similar to blackberries and is packed with flavour, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, and C, amongst others. Eat this ancient fruit in yoghurt, savoury dishes, smoothies, or make ice cream and waffle syrup as I did. The rich colour is not only beautiful, but you're also eating a wonderful fruit filled with antioxidants (cue the hand clapping).

Verdict: I was impressed with Sunfood's products; all were of excellent quality. As a foodie who also loves to cook, I don't think you should have to compromise with quality, flavour and great taste when it comes to eating healthily. Stay tuned, you can likely see snippets of favourable recipes on my Instagram.
What do you think of these foods? Have you used Sunfood products?  

Sunfood Superfood Coconut Wraps
The goodsCoconut Wraps,  Pea Protein Powder, Maqui Berry Powder, and Cacao Butter-Courtesy of Sunfood, *Table linens, and Eco-printed napkins-c/o Gudrun Sjoden, Slate cheese board-(Buy similar). *This post is sponsored, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Winning Bonus
The Sunfood team is giving all of my readers an incredible summer discount with twenty-five percent off your order of goods that you purchase at their online store.  

Summer will officially be here quite soon, and there's nothing better than a refreshing smoothie or healthy fix after a workout. Click the image below! Let me know which items you try with this great offer!

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