Summer Dressings, and Event Style


After attending the two weddings that were planned for this year, and undertaking the task of making decorations for another one, there's only one more special event (even greater than those) that I am much looking forward to.

My siblings and I have been planning a massive surprise party for my mum at the end of summer, to celebrate her being cancer-free, so this inspiring style board could not have come at a better time. Although, the event will not entirely be a black tie affair, it will be semi-formal (think, casual evening glamour). Much inspiration for versatility, given the summery climate will need to be taken into consideration.

Above1-Jolie Moi 3D Striped Dress, 2-Jane Norman White/Foil Printed Maxi, 3-Jolie Moi Polka Dot Jacquard Dress, 4-Warehouse Striped Dress

The food and tables will obviously be one of the main details that I am partaking in, as well as helping with coordinating. Since various family friends will be coming from cooler climates, and others from warmer locales, we decided that a blend of styles would be appropriate, yet still maintaining the smart aesthetic and elegant party theme of immense gratitude, and a celebration of life as the focus! We're very excited, even though still weeks away.

Judging by previous family affairs, I'm sure that will be no problem at all, as I am usually the casually dressed one these days, which isn't exactly "casual" per se if you know my personal style.

I looked to House of Fraser again for some influence in the styles that I'd like to see at the event, and dress styles that I would wear. This time, I also included a couple styles that are a bit outside of my typical choosing for events such as this. Given the right accessories styled with a splendid pair of heels, anything can be possible when you're confident and having fun with fashion!

*View more House of Fraser dress styles here. 

Above:1-Lace and Beads Ombre Maxi, 2-Phase Eight Clemetis Dress, 3-Jolie Moi 3D Print Bardot Dress, 4-Therapy Candice Cold Shoulder Dress, 5-Dorothy Perkins Billie and Blossom Knot Maxi.*This is written in collaboration with House of Fraser, a Fashion Tales sponsor. All opinions expressed are my own.

What dress style is your favourite? Do you have any upcoming events to attend?


  1. Beautiful selection you can never have enough of summer dresses. Enjoy your weekend

  2. Love the floral dresses!


  3. Anonymous05 July

    The polka dotted dress is my top favourite!


  4. I'm in love with stripes and dress nr 1! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST