Dinner With Martha & Marley Spoon


In collaboration with Marley Spoon, I created a summer feast for this tabletop series with an abundance of flavour. With just under nine or so weeks left to enjoy the summer season, these fresh ingredients and international combinations will take your palate to a happy place with plenty of zest to go around.

Marley Spoon is a food delivery service that have launched a new partnership along with homemaking guru, Martha Stewart, called "Martha & Marley Spoon." Geared toward making cooking tasty and simple during the week for families, the service provides quality meals that are both nutritious and exciting.

The global delivery menu includes everything from Herb Baked Shrimp to Steak & Pepper Kebabs. Each Martha & Marley Spoon box comes with a welcome booklet, recipe cards, and pre-portioned ingredients to make it easy for anyone to create unique home cooked recipes that are even Martha approved!
With their recycling programme, and a farm-to-table zero waste philosophy, Marley Spoon is different than most meal delivery services. The menu also has a fair bit of culturally blended meals that are family-friendly, and do-it-yourself ready even for seasoned home cooks.

To continue our theme of outdoor foodie adventures, we cooked and served the diverse menu of delectable favourites, including a recipe from Marley Spoon's 'Get Grillin' section, Honey-Mustard chicken with Potato, Celery, and Apple Salad. It's also Global BBQ Month, so it was a perfect addition to our gathering.
Delivery Pricing: varies by locale: 2-person meals boxes twice a week, start at 48 USD/ 38,00 €/£29.80/55.00 AU

Sweet, Tart, & Savoury: 
The charred chicken dish shared by chef, Liberty Fennell was inspired by the UK team, and would work perfectly for a gathering for summer grilling. Packed with robust flavour, the chicken was bathed in whole grain mustard, and honey to create an elegant coating. The surprising salad addition using tart Granny Smith apples blended with red potatoes actually balanced the dish making it delightfully refreshing. Overall, our experience was really great, and I think this service would suit busy families well.

Next up was the Miso Cod with Bamboo Rice meal from chef, Jennifer Aaronson, which was delicious. Fish and rice always work well as culinary fusions, so the starchiness of the bamboo rice only added to the overall harmony of flavouring in this dish. I've only had miso salmon, so the miso cod was different for me. The miso gave the broiled cod a marvellous sweet glaze on top, and was a saviour in helping balance the bite that spinach typically gives. It was a great dish, and a personal favourite.

I also made Martha's rustic lemon tart recipe from the archives, and it did not disappoint!
The goods: Miso Cod w/Bamboo Rice Box, and Honey Mustard Charred/Grilled Chicken Box-Courtesy of Marley Spoon, Beet patterned bowls-World Market, Eco-printed kitchen towels-c/o Gudrun Sjoden. All opinions expressed are my own. *Rustic Lemon Tart recipe here (modified and made with beet sugar and splenda). 

Have you tried Marley Spoon? What meal would you cook?
View the latest Martha & Marley Spoon menu. Marley Spoon serves UK, USA, Germany, Australia, and Netherlands. Get $30 off your first box with code: DINNER30, or save £15 off your first box with code: LETSEAT. 

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