Treasured Soles [Elina Linardaki]


It wouldn't be a proper summer without the ability to wear sandals, in my opinion. Although, I tend to love donning sandals mostly throughout the year, it's often not feasibly possible because of climate conditions. But, when summertime comes around, I do go all in! 

This designer spotlight is all about handmade footwear, specifically Grecian sandals by designer Elina Linardaki. You've probably seen some of her incredible creations donned by some of fashion's elite as well as stylish bloggers alike. The inspiration for the unique handcrafted collection personifies fearless fashionistas, whether Bohemian aristocrats or eclectic nomads. The diverse line of shoes is created for women who don't mind standing out; women who confidently express their personality with fashion and style.

As a person with an adoration for vibrant colour and intricate adornments, surprisingly, I don't have any shoes quite like Linardaki's creations. The designer kindly sent these magical styles, and it couldn't have been more timely. I wore these lovely sandals to the beach, strutting my way to brunch, shopping on the weekend, and will likely wear them for a little getaway for my birthday (which was actually Monday) to continue festivities on the weekend.

Upon first viewing of the sandals I could entirely understand why some would be a tad obsessed with these—it's all in the mere details. I wasn't even out and about for half an hour before someone complimented me wearing these. The designer embeds elements like gold-plated braiding, Swarovski crystals, friendship patterned yardage, and even semi-precious stones in the styles offered.

Buckled, studded, feathered, and charmed? Whatever your style is, whether it be extravagantly bold or traditionally classic, there are exuberant options for everyone.

The Athens based company was founded in 2006 and produces everything from handmade leather shoes to memorable accessories. And, these are definitely memorable! Since each style is made by hand, there are defined details that make every piece special.

Some of my favourite details are feathers, and little charms, so both styles stole my heart. I am wearing sandals from the Luxury collection in styles "Erinya," and "Maude." The Erinya sandals are motivated by Greek mythology of Erinyes or Furies, the winged deities of vengeance. Feathery details, and metallic studs adorn this style. "A statement piece, made for the ladies who are not afraid to kick some ass," the designer said.

The Maude sandals are playful and brightly hued with multi-coloured pom-poms, golden coin charms, and the characteristics of the sea. The Maude sandal was influenced by exotic islands, and wanderlust living. It's essentially designed for the elegant gypsy soul in mind. Both styles are also handmade with fine leather. Take a look at some of my favourite styles below.
(Above) From Left to Right-Sandals: "Ever After," "Venus" Swarovski original crystals White Opal, "Madagascar," "Marrakech," and "Gipsy Spell."

What do you think of Elina Linardaki's sandals?  

The Goods: Sandal Maude, and Sandal Erinya-c/o Elina Linardaki, Belt-ASOS, Straw Neon Hat-(Buy it here), Army green duster-(Buy Similar), Tank-H&M. 

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  1. Love the outfit looking fab

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  3. I love how detailed and colorful your new shoesies are! They are going look great with so much of your wardrobe!

    Happy Belated Birthday, friend!

  4. I love how detailed and colorful your new shoesies are! They are going look great with so much of your wardrobe!

    Happy Belated Birthday, friend!