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It's always exciting for me to throw events and dinner parties because I grew up having parents that entertained quite often (for family, formal, and corporate events). When it comes to birthday parties, I love it even more because there's plenty of room to really personalise tables even the smallest way.

For this creative tablescape there's a little bit of coastal influence, and even DIY goodies to love. I've partnered with Oriental Trading to show you creative options for a nautical-themed birthday party. This is for an adult party, but there are a lot of pieces that can be used for a baby shower or children's party. Check out how I completely transformed foam board, gift boxes, and more below!

Purchasing a large scale blackboard can often be costly. Instead, I just bought chalkboard paper, and mounted it on a foam board (poster size board). With gold floral wire, I created a freehand anchor, then used jute twine to wrap around the whole piece. It added an artful and abstract touch to the menu board.

For this nautical-inspired adult birthday party, I actually used quite a few miniature pieces, which gave the whole aesthetic of the table a playful vibe. These small popcorn boxes are also great pieces to use for a variety of celebrations.

For party favours: Pillow boxes are wonderful elements to use for small gifts, and if you want to decorate them for your guests, it can be done minimally. I used patterned Washi Tape to decorate my gift boxes, then added jute twine and anchor charms on the outside.

What do you think of this nautical birthday table?
*Behind the scenes images, and instructions on how to create these tassels. Use this easy DIY!
The goods: Products Provided by Oriental Trading, a FASHION TALES media blog partner. Text templates-Art store (Buy similar), Gold paint-(Buy it here), Charger plates-(Buy similar), Shells and Starfish-Crafts store, Fish netting-Hardware store, Other items used-Fashion Tales. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. What a beautiful table setting so perfect for entertaining.

  2. Very pretty and such wonderful ideas, Madison :-)
    Like you I grew up in a house that always had reasons to entertain, I really like that...Have a lovely week;)

    1. Thank you so much! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Nautical chic at its finest, darling! So creative!


  4. Great post
    Love it

    New post


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