A Trio of Favourites


I took a week off to travel a bit to visit family and friends last week, and enjoyed every moment. Between a satisfying brunch feast, and our family party, I was consumed by the minute in the best possible way. That's what life is for right? Living! Now that I am back I wanted to quickly share with you three things that I've been loving currently. 

1. Walking, Instead of Running!
Due to my hurt left ankle, me pounding the pavement is somewhat non-existent. It's also the same ankle that I badly injured in my youth when I used to go snowboarding at ungodly speeds just about every weekend. It's an old injury, but lately it's been irritating me. Fortunately, I decided to use some herbal remedies from my nan and it has been doing a lot better.  

I decided to buy some new cushy trainers for walking whilst on my journey. I will be running again in the future no doubt, however at the moment, I am quite alright with speed walking comfortably since I am still getting an effective workout … it just takes me longer until my ankle completely heals. At the moment, I am also loving jersey dresses, and solid jumpsuits. It's a new day, because I am pretty much living in flats, trainers, and sandals so it works for my present situation. Thankfully, I can work remotely for most days. 

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I recently had the pleasure of tasting the most incredible Aussie-made treats that are perfect with a cuppa, your hot cocoa, or espresso. Kookas Natural is founded by the lovely and incredibly friendly, Johanna based in Australia. 

These little circular indulgent nobs of joy are packed with all-natural flavour and culinary wonder—the cookies are full of fibre, antioxidants, and nutrients that enhances health (skin, hair and energy). After eating these biscuits it made me want to buy them in bulk, especially for the office! 

I had the goji-choc (goji berries and organic raw cacao nibs), and the paleo-friendly orange (zest) with hazelnut. 
I cannot tell you which is my favourite, as it changed by the hour, or rather the type of tea that I was having. I will say that the orange hazelnut entirely left an impression in the last bite that I took. 

*Oh, and did I mention that these cookies are also free from dairy, egg and refined sugar? She also carries options that are entirely paleo-friendly, nut-free, and for those that are gluten-intolerant. 

I was recently contacted by Caseapp (Deutschland) to try two items. I decided on creating an abstract pastel Smartphone case as well as a ready-made cityscape laptop skin. The Swedish brand offers a plethora of designs for various Smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, and laptops (both PC and Mac). After I ordered my laptop skin, it arrived wrong and damaged but their customer service team were right on it and sent me a new one straight away (See it here).  The Parisian city scene was my favourite amongst the ready-made styles. 

Have you used Caseapp before? If you have in the past, what did you end up getting? If you'd like to order your own mobile case or laptop skin visit caseapp.de, and grab the promo code: "FASHIONTALES20" for twenty-percent off your order. They ship worldwide!

What have you been up to lately? 

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  1. So many great item will love to try the natural cookies

  2. Sorry to hear abt the ankle, Madison�� That's great though that you are still so active with speed walking! And the Kookas stuff sound great. Btw,am reading and commenting now via ur app...it's great!!!

    1. Excellent! I'm happy to hear that. It looks different from my Admin side, so I'm glad that you're liking it so far.
      Thanks! xo

  3. Hey Madison! Am not seeing the message notification. Should it pop out as soon as I open the app?

    1. Okay, I will try it again later. It should be under messages when you open the app the next time. or on the upper right corner up top. Thanks!