Bidvine: Mission Complete


If you often have an ongoing list of tasks and projects to complete, but never enough time in your schedule, then there's a service that might be perfect for you! From home projects to office tasks, Bidvinea London-based provincial servicing company offers a long roster of various services. The brand's creative sphere allows customers to choose from over five-hundred services to suit their needs.  

The way it works is very simple: professionals pay Bidvine to get introduced to you. You contract the professional for their services, then pay them directly. Bidvine charges you nothing at all! After you've set up your free account and created a request, you may turn on notifications via e-mail or text for quotes and messages through your account.  

I recently used their website to request quotes for event photography for a corporate party. From requesting my initial service to receiving quotes, everything was painless. Their customer service team e-mailed me within a 24-hour period (very fast the next morning, actually) to verify details of my request and to answer any questions.   

Within the first e-mail, Bidvine tells you when to expect custom cost estimates. Up to five custom quotes are provided within hours---I received mine incredibly fast. Shortly afterward, I immediately had my estimates and messages from five event photographers (meeting the criteria that I requested) from Bidvine's professional community pool. Next, you're able to compare and review the quotes that were sent over, and at that point you may call your professional (in my case a photographer) directly, or message them through Bidvine for more information.  

When you're ready to proceed, you hire the professional on contract and pay them directly. It's like having your own secretary ... No! It's actually a bit better because with Bidvine you can get loads of diverse projects or tedious tasks completed easily. 

This could be excellent if you need a pastry chef, a dog walker, want to learn calligraphy, or even need a personal trainer to get you in shape for that half marathon. I think this would also be a fun service for busy parents who might want to get their child guitar lessons, extra tutoring for school course work, horse riding lessons, or more!    

There are so many services provided, from pro-repairs for home improvement to hiring a magician for a birthday party. This is a service that I wouldn't use regularly, however for events or maybe a special occasion where I want to hire a personal chef, I think it would be worth it. Perhaps, I'll take up those fencing lessons that are long overdue!  

Overall, I was impressed with their range of services, the site's user-friendly navigation, and the step-by-step help tools.    

Quotes for services are also available via mobile on iOS.     

Have you used Bidvine? What service would you request to cross off on your to-do list? 
This sponsored post is a collaboration with Bidvine for an honest review on their site and services. All content and opinions are my own.