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I am sharing with you two designs that are vastly different from each other. However, they are both aesthetically pleasing and suitable for entertaining.  

Toronto-based homeware and design business, Umbra carries beautifully designed pieces from kitchenware, including baking and cooking tools to bath accessories of tub and shower pieces, etc. 
Umbra means "shade" in Latin—the story is that one of the founders was searching for window shades for his flat and couldn't find anything pleasing, I guess nothing that "spoke" to him design-wise at least. Thus, the Umbra brand was created. 

Today, the company houses more than shades. You will find products like modern pieces to decorate your office, wall décor of accent shelving, and even jewellery storage for those precious jewellery favourites, amongst other creations. 
The products are made by an in-house team of global designers and produced for every home to enjoy. I recently decorated our dining area with a couple of products for autumn styling inspiration.
These pieces are functional and brilliantly designed, even the simplicity of the pitcher that you see here is very striking and beautiful in its minimal style, which is why I chose it. The Savore Pitcher was created by designer, Eugénie De Loynes and inspired by traditional Scandinavian design. View more from the Savore collection here

The Prisma Mirror can be mounted on the wall and comes in brass and black (Buy it here). I chose the copper hue, which is the colour shown above. It has now sold out. I decided to use the Prisma Mirror as an entertaining tray instead of wall art—I imagined it for a dinner party being used for cocktails or on a more versatile note, as the main centrepiece. Created by Sung Wook Park, this elegantly designed mirror has both an industrial and contemporary aesthetic that can go with many styles of home décor.    

FASHION TALES BLOG -Prisma Mirror by Umbra

Have you shopped Umbra? What do you think of these design pieces? 

The goods: Prisma Mirror, and Savore Pitcher-c/o Umbra. Click the image above to grab more home decor inspiration.
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FASHION TALES BLOG Autumn Decor - Umbra Design

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