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I have a handful more of papers to write before heading to a much needed holiday in a couple weeks, and this past weekend I managed to get the bulk of things finished so that I could relax and try a decent attempt at holiday shopping (initially online, of course). 

"But First, (it's not) Coffee," instead, it's a proper manicure waiting for me and let's not forget good tunes are continuously in my ears—whether studying or on a long commute to the office. I am tailoring my winter playlist as I type this post.  

Sudio Sweden was kind enough to send these beautifully designed bluetooth enabled earphones. The brand offers a range of headphones with that Scandi aesthetic to love. I selected a pair in white (blue, pink, and black is also available).

You may now buy their earbuds at Best Buy, which would be a lovely holiday gift for tech-savvy loved ones. My co-worker saw the earphone styles and said, "these would be the perfect stocking gifts!" for her children. If these are your stocking-fillers, then you're probably the most loved when it comes to gift-giving! But, I digress ... now, on to the details. 

Pros and Cons: Rated: 7.9/10
The Sudio Vasa BLÅ Bluetooth wireless headphones are of excellent quality and come with a leather case along with a USB charging cord, built-in microphone, USB charging port with rubber closure, extra silicone ear tips (in various sizes), rose gold metal clip, and informational booklet. Everything is also packaged well in separate boxes, and a large magnetic box holds all of the contents.  

These wireless in-ear headphones have a battery life up to 8 hours before charging again with the provided USB. The sound quality for these earphones are very nice and there really is a crystal and crisp sound when listening. For example, listening to a classical piece vs. a pop piece of music both will allow you to hear in detail the layering of instruments within the song. However, I am used to earphones with better base quality (especially for specific songs). 

As beautiful as these are, I wish they had a skip button on the earphone cording (to switch in-between tracks), instead of just a volume and on/off switch on the remote, which would mean that you wouldn't have to have your device near you whilst listening. It's my personal preference, especially considering the quality of the earphones themselves. But, design-wise, I love the elegant aesthetic with the rose gold on white.  

Note: Be sure that you are using the proper ear tips because this will make all of the difference in your listening experience. I'm much looking forward to using these again, as they're ideal travelling style headphones.  

What do you think of Sudio Sweden? Have you tried their earphones? 
The goods: Buy the Sudio Vasa BLÅ style here. Wireless Headphones-c/o Sudio Sweden.*As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed. Shop the range of headphones here. 

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  1. No I have not tried them but they sound good...umm excuse the pun. I just bought the new model ones from Apple and they stay in my ears better then the older styled ear buds.

    Allie of