DIY Votive Jars: Recycled Simplicity


There's nothing like a quick and easy craft project to get your art enthused guests talking. I was putting away dipped silverware and old candelabras when the concept of revamping some of my glass candle holders came to me. 

It was for a more casual setting and I was trying to think of what I could use the glass votive holders for, other than beauty storage or odd sewing notions. 

If you're not entirely sure of painting your glass holders, then this tricksy DIY is exactly for you! To create a faux gilded art piece, I used gold foiled washi tape to adorn each votive holder. Then, I used the containers to store cutlery for my tablescape. This version will not ruin the glass at all! Instead, this quick project will add an abstract touch to your table crafted with artifice and elegance. The best part is that you can reuse your glass votives for plenty of other ideas in the future.

Stay tuned, this DIY will make a proper debut in an upcoming post! This is such a small detail but you will see how large of an impact it can make in the complete styling soon. Here's how to make them: 



  1. Faux gold leafing: Cut off two pieces of gold tape in your preferred length (Mine were roughly 3 cm-5 cm). For an abstract and brushstroke aesthetic, I used my fingers to cut the Washi tape, however, scissors were used for other styles, which works well for creating curved lines or any clean edge.
  2. Adhere the gold tape to the front of the glass votive candle holder.
  3. Napkin: Using a square napkin, fold the napkin in half diagonally. You should now have a napkin in the form of a triangle.
  4. Make sure the napkin top is pointing away from you (see diagram below), and the bottom is straight with diagonal sides on your left and right. Then, from left to right, fold the bottom left side of the napkin inward to the centre. Now, fold the bottom right side of the napkin inward to the centre. Press sides flat with fingers.
  5. Turn the napkin over and place the folded napkin inside the glass votive with the pointed top edge facing upward (fitting it carefully inside the glass votive holder and adjusting accordingly). Repeat steps 1-5 for each votive holder. Now, you've got a rather artful than tawdry style votive holder. There's room for creativity, you can also try using cut outs or scrapbook hole-punches!

What do you think about this unique and artful detail? Do you reuse votive candle jars?

See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES. 


  1. Beautiful DIY idea, also special personal touch

  2. Great job Madison, thank you for sharing your DIY project! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  3. Thanks for posting!

  4. Great DYI project and this one awesome.