Marbled: A Clockwork Gold


Welcome to Volume Two of the 'So Anthro' series. This design revamp was done almost instantly after my marble trays because I've been on an obsessive marble high. I have always loved marble because my mum had it in her kitchen but only recently have I been wanting to create pieces of marble or rose gold, copper, and everything similarly in that arena regarding décor.

For Kubrick fans, I have obviously seen A Clockwork Orange a few times and the film was playing when I was working on this project, so there goes the title inspiration. Now, let's get to the main attraction à la “So Anthro” décor revamp!

The inspiration was simple. I have extra wall clocks in a box from my last place. I don't use these wall clocks because I have a lovely set that goes with my current décor aesthetic. However, this style revamp will make your home visitors give your wall décor double takes, eye rolling side-eyes (wishing they had a similar one), or slow motion dance moves. Scroll down to be inspired.

Continuing my unwavering love for seeking new pieces for the home, I stumbled across marble details with a friend back in January. There are other times when I’m shopping with a friend or client and we see items that make us gasp in unison, then others that make us laugh, price-wise. A particular marble wall clock was one of them but who wants a heavy piece of marble on the wall? I didn't see one at Anthropologie when we were there but I thought this craft was suitable for this series due to the polished and sophisticated end result.

When a co-worker friend asked me to come up with ways that her daughter could dress up her new flat. One of the projects that I had been wanting to do for awhile was a clock makeover. I used the rest of my marble vinyl for this DIY, then I made another with granite and silver framing. All you will need is a wall clock to start. View the upgrade below and read on for the tutorial!

1 wall clock
Marble printed vinyl (contact paper)
Awl or flat knife
1 Blank card stock sheet
Thumbtack to mark centre
Metallic spray paint (copper or gold)
Sealant/clear finishing spray- (Optional)
Open air flat newsprint lined working space

Now, you have an elegant wall clock that costs … well, not even a tenner!

After I finished my clock makeover, I placed it back in the box to visualise how it would look as if it were packaged in a store.  I am proud of this revamp and really liked the finished results! Next up, is a fun little project dealing with formations from Mother Nature. Stay tuned, lovelies.

What do you think of my wall clock upgrade?

See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES. 

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