DIY: Space Saving Terrariums


Succulents are all the rage aren't they?  And, as you may know by now, my love for them is unyielding. Therefore, when it comes to inspiring those of you who may not have a fraction of a ‘green thumb’ (even though succulents are the best type of plants for budding planters), drum roll ... wait for it … We’ve gone faux this time and here’s why!

Mission: To create something clever but simple enough for anyone to change the look of their office or dashing abode and with the space-saving concept. Therefore, I decided to create another terrarium. Only this time, I used mason jars. I did not stop at succulents, I recycled the stems from the leftover silk flowers that I used for past projects and created a spring table display, in the same way as my succulents.

Oldies but Goodies: 
Mason jars are brilliant little buggers, and I could design a whole series around them because they are about as versatile as a maxi dress—possibly even more versatile! Mason jars have been generational saving graces in the kitchen—from fermenting magic to modern salad shakers, yet they’re also perfect for crafting.

I picked up a couple bags of faux succulents with faux moss trimmings and to be honest, if you find quality pieces, only yourself and God will be able to tell. I had friends over for a little party (details coming soon) and they thought I had been on a massive succulent haul (which is typically highly possible, by the way).

My florist friend, Lisbeth had to touch them because, well, she touches everything and said that they [succulents] looked “so pretty!” That is what I wanted and isn't it just like succulents to steal the spotlight with all of their prettiness. Right, let's get started! Scroll down to view the tutorial and inspiration.

No green thumb? Not a problem! Here are a few benefits with these faux-chic planters: 

  • Trifecta: The triple threat of being affordable, no-hassle, and providing your space with an extra indoor stylish element. 
  • Adaptable Alternates: Have these been substituted for my real plants? No! But, for those of you looking for a mason jar craft and an alternative (ahem, twice removed) way to give your space a retro-modern à la garden vibe, this will certainly help! 
  • Easy: Seriously, you can make these in any adorable jars, not to mention it’s budget-friendly, and no potting is necessary. 
Stay tuned, I have more surprises, décor style inspiration and entertaining ideas coming soon!
These stems would also make fantastic little table accents for Easter, a Passover Seder table, or no occasion at all!

3-4 Mason jars (use canning jars) with removable lids
2 bags faux succulents (or 3-6 succulent pieces)
Floral wire (gold)
Black sand
River rocks or white rocks
Needle-nose pliers
Stems from silk flowers
Wire Cutter
Burlap ribbon (Optional)


What do you think of my DIY jar succulents and faux stems display? 

See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES. 

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