DIY Tales of Geodes


For months, I’ve pondered about the perfect craft to use these geode slices that I had—from jewellery to home décor. There are loads of options that definitely exist. My decision was to create something that I could use long after the project was finished as well as a handmade piece of art that would be suitable for gifting. Surprise, surprise ... entertaining came to mind! 
There has been plenty of crafts that I’ve made for friends, and they thought I bought it at a shop during my travels. That's the best compliment, isn't it? Iyou box and wrap your creations well, then it makes every bit of difference. It's all about the execution process.
If you love a charming yet simple do-it-yourself craft, this one is for you!  Now, I am here to show you how to make agate napkin rings. 

Regarding jewellery, geodes or agate slices have never really left the industry, although it has possibly taken a back seat in the past. Recently, there seems to be resurgence in all things geode—from pendants to jewellery boxes. Faux geode pieces are fine for this DIY but use whatever works best for you in this project 

I happen to have a small lot of about sixty or so natural and dyed agate slices as well as  naturally irregular geode pieces from crafts and old random shoots in my studio. Instead of letting dust collect on top of the others, I decided to recycle the polished agate pieces because, you know, I don't like to waste good things! 

View two different versions below; some with added golden wire, which gives the napkin rings an artful look, then I made other pieces without the wire for a more casual aesthetic. If you add jewellery wire, use a small gauge then just wrap, and twist it around each agate piece before adding the ring base. 

Materials Needed: 
6 Cut agate pieces   
E6000 or clear industrial glue 
Adjustable metal ring bases (gold or silver) 
Newsprint or plastic lined flat working surface  
Silveror gold metallic paint pen  
Rhinestonesloose – (optional) 

  1. Using a metallic paint pen, take one geode slice at a time and carefully paint the entire edges in gold. Set aside to dry on a lined flat working surface as preferred with newsprint, etc *I had extra geodes and painted 4 slices in gold and 4 in silver. 
  2. In an open-air environment, lay your geode slices (on a flat working surface) on the side that you don't want to show, facing up (toward you). This will be the back side of your napkin rings. 
  3. Now, hold one ring base in your hand and use your other hand to carefully place glue in the centre of the ring base top, slowly working from the centre and going outward with the glue. *Be careful not to drip any glue. 
  4. Immediately adhere the top of the ring base to a geode slice directly in the centre of the geode, with the ring bottom facing horizontally. Press firmly *Tip: depending on how you want your napkin rings to look, you may glue the ring bases askew if you want a more artful aesthetic, or have your geode slices vertically. Play around with it! 
  5. Set aside and let dry overnight. After geodes are dried, you can add an embellishment if you prefer. I left my gold geodes alone but wanted the silver geodes to have a small rhinestone. Glue a rhinestone to each geode slice. Let dry for 2-4 hours before using the rings. 

I was very pleased with the result, and as I mentioned you can use any colour in faux agate or actual geode pieces. *For the metal napkin rings, I used adjustable ring bases. You can find them at a craft store or jewellery findings supplier/shop. I bought some wholesale online. Let me know if you try these or have any questions, I'm always here to help.

What do you think of these napkin rings?  

Above and below: The finished results with all sides painted. 


  1. Oh I love these! I collect crystals and don't have nothing like this.

  2. This is awesome! I love these stones!