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If you've been to a nice bakery, namely a French one, then you've likely seen these beautiful moulds but never thought beyond the deliciousness that was inside. Enter, Panibois!

Panibois, the inventor of the wooden baking mould brings an exquisite touch of French class to any chef or home baker's kitchen. Panibois emerged from an initial concept geared toward the fruit and vegetable market; the result over time and with high demand was a sturdy bread box that could withstand heat. Panibois's patented designs easy to bake in due to using natural wood, and without metal (such as staples or the like), which can corrode and alter the taste in foods.

These wooden moulds can also be customised for businesses and brands with their logos, and are 100% non-treated, biodegradable natural aspen. It's a premier mould to use, especially for baking the brand offers a variety of moulds, tart rings, bannetons, trays and boxes, etc.

We made a classic French recipe with a modern twist: mushroom quiche with black truffles, which you may see in the next instalment and one of my recent favourite recipes for an early morning coffee break, almond and cinnamon biscuits. For this cosy setting, I used a colourful blend of orchids, hydrangeas, and a motley arrangement of greenery, including ferns and succulents.

If you're looking to give your meals a professional look or if you have a passion for baking, then these stylish moulds will do the job! It's also the perfect kitchen companion for anyone who entertains regularly on a gourmet calibre—it reigns extremely high in my opinion due to the heat sustaining properties it has, therefore the wood allows versatility in usage.

The best part is that the Panibois moulds can be used for decadent pastries and more. Try using them for with the lids for sandwiches, savoury meals, canapes, takeaway lunches in the park, or brunch specialities! Stay tuned for more dishes featuring these moulds.

What do you think of these brilliant moulds? Have you heard of Panibois?

The goods: French baking moulds: Octo 145, Le Marquis, and Pani-Bague rings-Provided by Panibois, or shop more styles at Technobake, Basket topper-Design Market, Sola florals, teacup and saucer set-(Buy similar). As always, all opinions are honestly expressed and my own.

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