DIY: Tea Garden Décor


Last month, when I shared behind the scenes snippets and inspiration from a couple wedding photo shoots that I did, I had forgotten to show more DIY features. Since then, I have been occupied with unexpected freelance events and have taken some time off the blog to continue these new ventures. It's all very exciting and I will have to share more on that later. In the meantime, have a look at this craft to be inspired by.

Here, I am merging countryside style (one of my favourites) with a touch of modern sophistication in this garden-friendly DIY. 

Planters are perfect for adding depth and character to any home space and I have become quite fond of them more over the years. I particularly love planters because you can make them elaborate for special occasions, such as weddings, yet they can be simplified for minimalist living spaces and tailored for virtually every budget.

I designed these teacup and saucer planters that I fell in love with after giving several prepared styles that I created for the engaged couple. Afterwards, I created a few more for my personal space in the same colours, then in silver and white because I just couldn't get enough! The styles below are pieces that I added character to by personalising the saucers with wedding-inspired text—the gold paint really brought everything together, both rustic and with a tad bit of elegance.

Speaking of metallic and custom spaces here are some images from the teal and gold theme below but this time, I used matte acrylic paint, to emit chalky vintage vibes with the blended contemporary concept. View the tutorial below!


3-4 Ceramic teacup and saucer planters
1 can matte spray paint
4-6 sheets gold leaf
1 Can adhesive spray
2 Artist Sponges (1 large, 1 small to medium size)
1 Metallic paint pen (in gold)
1 Roll of masking tape/painter's tape
Plants: succulents or flowers 

Large newsprint or plastic working surface 
Latex gloves-(Optional)


  1. On a plastic or paper lined spacious working surface in an open air environment, layout each teacup and saucer, dispersed evenly with at least 4cm-6cm or so apart in two rows horizontally (place all of the cups upside down with the bottom facing upward on one row, and all of the saucers on another row.) 
  2. After reading the directions on the paint bottle, spray each cup thoroughly in one coat of matte paint, covering all sides and outside handles. Spray a second coat of matte paint. Let dry. Repeat this step for all of the saucers. Let the cups and saucers completely dry before proceeding to step 3. 
  3. Apply gold leafing: To prepare your workspace, use washi tape or painters masking tape to section off your preferred design on each teacup. (I just taped off angular sections of each cup in a simple design where I wanted the gold leafing). This is to create a rustic and sparkled effect so make the taped off areas simple because the natural texture and design from the gold leaf will form. 
  4. Take out an artist sponge and the gold leaf adhesive. Set aside. (If you have a gold leaf kit, then follow instructions for that). With the sponge, apply adhesive or a thin layer of glue to the prepared area on the teacup where you want the gold leafing placed. Carefully take out one gold leaf square sheet at a time, and place the entire sheet on the teacup (where you have put the adhesive). Press firmly, then use the sponge to carefully wipe away gold leaf excess. After you have the desired effect, repeat these steps with each teacup. Set aside teacups to dry or spray a sealant to finish. 
  5. Use a metallic gold paint pen and write script or text on the saucers. Get crafty! I created simple loop designs on my teacups and saucers to bring the theme together. Next, add your plants: I used succulents, baby's breath, and small seedlings in my other teacup planters. I just re-potted the plants in the new teacup planters, then added river rocks. Get more of that inspiration here.

Note: *I did not use a sealant for the teacups because I wanted it to look worn and slightly rough with the gilded leaf effect. This can get messy, so stow away your favourite Celine Tee, instead just wear an old T-Shirt or a painting top for this project. For the spray paint, I used Rust-Oleum CHALKED matte finish.

What do you think of these fun teacup planters?  


  1. Amazing job, darling! So beautiful!


  2. Beautiful diy now I know how to update the look on my old white tea cup thanks

  3. All the decor is beautiful! I love diy projects!