The Wedding Sessions: Part Two


I am starting right off with some inspiration for you in this second edition of summer weddings and DIY décor. Check out the three sections below with a focus on styling tips and DIY accents. 

Core Décor: Centrepieces & Accents
Raise your hands if you love champagne? Right, I mean, bubbles in any form that is! Whether you fancy sipping on a glass of prosecco or merely blowing basic bubbles with these incredibly charming miniature bottles of champagne (seen below), I’ve got your back!

For any special occasion, especially if you don't have a limitless budget (yes, very few of us actually do), the addition of smaller scale items can make your celebration unique. Choose pieces that can be easily customised, which can add those "je ne sais quoi" details to love in your overall décor. And, if you already love miniatures as I do, then there are plentiful options for your choosing.

These miniature champagne bubbles are the perfect way to get your guests talking, plus they’re adorable for everyone to join in on the fun! I created a small "Bubble Bar," an area of the festivities to indulge in all things bubbly—add actual champagne as a bonus or dress up old bottles with personalised labelling to upgrade commercial bottles into custom takeaways. Guests can grab one of the minis before heading outside to partake in the perfect send off.

*These mini clothespins were great details for hanging the photos. I have also used these to create a photo tower or place cards. 

Lights, Camera, Environment!

Concept: Gather together some glass vases and mason jar lighting for late-afternoon and evening celebrations. Since this particular styling was focussed on travelling and retro styling, I used photos with string lights and various sets for the outdoors. Make sure that if you hang lights outside that they are indeed outdoor-friendly.

From vintage-style string lights to LED bulb sets, lights in any form can certainly help set the mood and tone of your occasion. I have said it before and I will say it again, invest in mason jars in different sizes. I just picked up some beautiful vintage mason jars in blue and amber over the weekend for an upcoming event.

I used a collection of two different LED sets because one of them were vintage styled lights, and I wanted the result to be both contemporary and retro (you will see more about that soon). It's always very exciting to see your vision come together and there will be more shared on the mason jars in the future.
For an inviting ambience and more rustic tabletop, I used both faux and natural wood pieces, including these wooden votive holders.

Party Invites & Devilish Details

I absolutely adore wax sealed letters, in fact, my family sends all of their party invites and Christmas cards with a family wax seal. The apple does not fall too far from the tree because I also love to send certain invites with a wax seal albeit for very special dinner parties. I only have a handful of seals but two that I like generally use is a heart-shaped seal, and this fleur-de-lys seal, you saw a glimpse of this here. Wax seals work perfectly for various occasions, not to mention what doesn't look great for engagements with gold wax. However, this doesn't only apply for wedding invites, try using a wax seal the next time you host a party or better yet, go on and send your parents some snail mail! 

Below is a handful of invites that I loved. From chalkboard inspired pieces to R.S.V.Ps with romantic opulence, there really is something out there for everyone. This bride and groom both adore lace details and traditional scripting, so I was inspired to incorporate some of those with colour options in the mood board that I presented to them.   

What do you think of these ideas? Would you have an outdoor wedding or indoor wedding?

For this countryside wedding, I used Jack Daniel's boxes to create a unique centrepiece. I actually used two of these because we used a long wooden dining table. It was a random concept that I had, initially, I was using the box to carry over items for the shoot, then I thought, why not actually use the box? I did and I really liked how everything turned out in the end.

I hope you were inspired! Stay tuned for more inspiration in the next volume as I continue to share some behind the scenes snippets.

The goods: Some items in this post features pieces provided by Oriental Trading. All content and opinions expressed are my own.