Lemonade and Unicorns


A birthday party was on the agenda, but my friend's son already had his pirate theme ready and I wasn't going to go back on my word with helping out. Instead, I decided to do a little girl's party concept for this collaboration, and then turn it into an adult themed party because I was having an afternoon with the ladies, and my niece along with many others are quite fond of soft pastel colours. 

This time, I decided to do a playful theme blending a bright, bold, and cheerful attitude using the idea of lemons and a personal favourite, mythical creaturesunicorns!  

Pastel Adoration & DIY Elements: 
Nothing says fun like having a hands-on workshop or crafting session, and that's exactly what I didThe crafts and DIYs that I created involved the guests. It's important to keep your guests engaged, therefore having at least two ideas whether it be games or crafts are best. 
As you can see, I had quite an artist palette chock full of colours from pastels to deep violet and teal hues. I imagined a concept of pink lemonade with unicorns and just rolled with it on a simpler scale. I could have gone miles with decorating an elaborate setting for the unicorn theme entirely. 

However, I knew that I wanted to use these adorable unicorn rainbow cupcake sticks (see below) as an accent on the boxes with my pastel theme. I used washi tape to adorn these lovely pink boxes that I made, then I added a fun little quote that was suitable for the theme (thanks to my wonderland imagination).  
DIY Embellishments: I absolutely love washi tape, it comes in every pattern known to man, then when you think there isn't one it also comes in the colours that you need. 
Here are some décor ideas that I used with this pastel party:  

A: Unicorn boxes made with pastel tape.  
B: Vase/Centrepiece decorated with washi tape (I used a unicorn statue). 
C: Clear drinking bottles wrapped in washi tape decorated with DIY tassels (I used elastic string to tie the tassels on the bottles). 
D: Create a quote on your computer then add gold washi tape to decorate the edges.

DIY Statement Gifts: I made fashion jewellery with instructions included in the pink boxes, then I had each person make a designed bracelet (very child-friendly as well as the perfect accessory for women). 
If you have both children and adults attending your birthday party, one way to incorporate childlike embrace with a dash of practicality is by adding items such as candies, games, or swag bags that can be filled with customised goodies. 

To add the adult element, I loved the champagne plates and napkinsI used blush rock candies to accompany my hydrangea centrepiece, alongside the unicorn swag bags that I made. And, of course, what better addition of colour than homemade matcha (crisp) ice cream? 

What do you think of this playful party & pastel theme?  

The goods: Shop party supplies and colourful pieces here. Items in this post were provided by Oriental Trading. As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own.


  1. What a beautiful palette! You've created such a cheery and tasteful setting for a party.
    xo, janea

  2. As you know, my daughter Aviah is just one month, but I'm already thinking about her first birthday, lol. It's hard these days because you want to be original and creative and do something that people haven't really seen before. I don't want to do yet another typical Disney princess themed party until she's older and she perhaps chooses that. So, I'll definitely be perusing your site for plenty of inspo and perhaps you can even do a blog post on creative kid birthday party ideas?! Anyway, I love this theme, it's so adorable and like always, you've created a beautiful tablescape. Thanks for sharing, girl, and I hope you're having a great week so far!