Divine Succulence: A DIY Gathering


With immense enthusiasm for autumn to arrive (and in some areas, it feels as if it already has), I felt that I could not do a proper seasonal post without sharing about my summer garden-inspired party. I hostea DIY workshop a couple of months ago—although this post is a tad overdue there are details from the event that I wanted to share.  
This was essentially started as a gathering and turned into an initiative meant for sharing garden crops and organic seeds with friends. A small group of friends and co-workers of mine always share extra root vegetables, fruits and herbs together, and I do the same. Whatever you have in abundance that's what is shared with everyone. I mean, who doesn't love organic leafy greens and root veggies straight from the garden?

This is an ideal contribution as many of the guests grow plentiful produce that they don't often use in multiple ways, and this means that we can share amongst each other insight about cultural traditunconventional culinary ways of using what is contributed.  

I thought it would be great to plan luncheon; I decided to also use this opportunity as a clever way to test out new DIYs. The entire time resulted in laughter, music, and creative moments both spontaneous and intricately expressed within the craft creations 

Rooted Details: 
From plant-inspired food to herb-infused snacks, we had chock full of interesting foodie moments to partake in. I made fried sage to go along with my sage quotes area of the table, in addition to the centrepieces—I used terrariums as well as radishes on my revamped DIY pillows, then wrapped it in burlap ribbon. I incorporated these paint chip booklets filled with inspiring quotes and designed cactus bags to fill with plant seeds for guests. These are just a handful of fun ideas that I had planned for the luncheon 

If you're looking for more inspiration from this garden tablescape, view the other DIY details with full tutorials here. In the meantime, enjoy some of the snapshots from my indoor garden party. Lastly, before I forget, can we talk about how marvellous the cacti tumblers are? You needn't have a green thumb to delight in these succulent beauties at all! 

Above: Handmade cacti bags for seeds, Below: DIY paint chip and burlap booklets.

What do you think of this plant party concept and these DIYs?

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