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There are loads of ways to use paint chips and heaven knows that I’ve done many projects in the past with them—from framed artwork to colour story collage series for fashion designing. However, only in the past few years have I been doing more freelance work regarding interiors aside from the blog. 

This means that my pantone and paint chip collection hagrown massively and since I don't like to waste, my brain instantly says, craft time" when it comes to transforming anything for versatile usage. 

Enter, the paint chip! These useful colour cards are regular companions for designers and artists before getting the job done, or visual themes sorted. Yet, paint chips often get tossed aside afterwards.  

I created miniature booklets because I wanted something different for a party that I hosted a couple months ago (behind the scenes snippets are coming soon). View the tutorial and inspiration below!  
Paint Chip Booklets 
Burlap ribbon (wide width) 
Paint chips (preferably 2x2 squares) 
Scissors (to cut fabric, & paper) 
Glue stick in clear 
Printed quotes on paper 

 Above: I made quick little text with some of my favourite quotes for a themed party. 

  1. 1. Cut paint chips in sets of two. I cut about 6 sets each having two paint chips. Try to cut them in the same direction (typically horizontally) as the paint names are written so that each pair can fold from left to right with a crease at the centre (booklet style), see images above.  

  1. 2. You should be able to open and close the paint chip cardsCrease the centre of each set with your fingers, making sure that the side with the paint chip colours is on the outside, and that your crease goes outward. 
  1. 3. Next, cut one piece of burlap ribbon for one set of paint chip cards slightly larger than the paint chips by length. Make sure that you cut the burlap ribbon ends evenly on each side because the cut part of the burlap will need to lineup with the ends of the left and right sides of the paint chip cards. The will bonded sides of the burlap ribbon (=the top and bottom of ribbon) will be the what extends from each paint chip card set, creating a booklet style. 
  1. 4. Open one paint chip set, then use a glue stick to attach a cut piece of burlap ribbon to the inside of the paint chip card, making sure that the left and right edges lineup horizontally (as mentioned in step3). Let the glue dry. Use a stapler to vertically staple the centre of the booklet.  Repeat steps to add burlap ribbon, and staple each card set. 
  1. 5. Cut out printed quotes to fit your paint chip cards (I used 12 pt. & 14pt. fonts but this will depend on your quote size and paint chip sizes). You may cut out your paper quotes in an artful way or in a straight line. Open paint chip sets flat. Use glue to adhere one cut quote to each paint chip set in the centre. Let dry. 
  1. 6. Now you have paint chip booklets. 
I’ve a fun little treat coming soon, and I cannot wait to show you why I created these adorable booklets. There is a method to my DIY madness, I promise!

What do you think of my alternative uses for paint chips?

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