Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Skincare Regimen


If you have a careful and thoughtful skincare regimen, but you still aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for, it could be because you are making a critical mistake without realising it. Read on to discover some of the common mistakes people often make when it comes to properly caring for their skin.

  • Night-time Caring – There is nothing wrong with a bit of pampering before you go to sleep, but less is certainly more when it comes to your bedtime regimen. Once you have completed your normal cleansing routine, the last thing you should do is then apply two or three different types of serums. People often do this because each serum targets a different problem, and so they think using a high number of products will be more effective. This definitely won’t be the case. In fact, the more you add, the less effective each of them will become. This is because all topical products are effective up to 0.3 percent absorption into the skin. The best thing to do is to alternate your serums each night, rather than attempting to use them all at once.

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  • Not Moisturising Oily Skin – A lot of people do not moisturise their skin if they have oily skin. This is a common misconception out there. People assume that it is best to leave their skin dry, rather than adding more product to it. However, moisturiser does not add oil to the skin, it adds water, and this is a key difference. SkinStyle Global have the complete range of products for those with oily skin, so you can make sure you are not putting anything harmful on your face. If you don’t moisturise your skin, it will only make your oily skin even worse. This is because your skin will overcompensate for the loss of hydration with more oil, which leads to uneven skin texture and breakouts.

  • Bad Eating Habits – Your skincare regimen may not be the problem. It could be your diet. As they say, what is good for your heart, is good for your skin. Eat vegetables that have lots of different colours in them. This is known as the tri-color salad approach. Don’t forget your guy health too as that’s closely linked to your skin health. Eat fermented foods or check out Activated You reviews for a probiotic that could help improve your gut flora.

  • Not Applying Your Products In The Right Order – It is not only about the products you use, but it is also about the order you apply them in. One of the keys to optimizing the benefits of the products you use is to ensure that products with a thinner consistency are applied first. You should then follow with creamier and thicker products. It does not matter what the active ingredients are, the thickness is what really matters. This is because the lighter weight products will be blocked by the products with a heavier consistency if you apply them first, meaning the light products won’t be able to penetrate the skin and do their job.