Living The High Life


The high life in itself is an idea that the large majority of people pursue as their end goal of their career life. As you probably already know, it is needless to say that not everyone makes it there. A large portion of people end up with a mediocre paying job for the majority of their life, and do not really get out of the rat race, not really letting them sit back and enjoy a bit of luxury in their life.

If you are fortunate enough to be one of the few who can afford to splash a bit of cash and live it up a little, then you must have already tasted some of life’s luxuries. This may include expensive lunches, fancy outings, posh supper dates in high-profile restaurants amongst other wealthy people. It is rather easy to get used to, but if you already possess the riches, why not get a bit more creative? 

Here are two things to help add spice to your life:
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Private cruisin’

Sometimes it would seem that a “owning a yacht” and a very “wealthy person” are almost synonyms of each other. The truth is that unless you are really rolling in the dough, chances are you cannot allow yourself to spend a few hundred thousand dollars on a boat that you’re going to use a few times a year during the holidays. The rest of the population has to suffer through their yacht-less life, whether they like it or not, but there is an alternative that is the next best thing. What is that you may ask?

Well, keep in mind that yacht rentals are always an option, and considering that even if you owned a yacht, you would only use it a few times a year, this is almost the same experience. Whether it be a cruise to Florida or Miami, a yacht can prove to be just the bit of luxury you were after. I highly recommend it.

Image source: Pexels

All that glitters is is not gold, but glittering definitely helps

High-fashion is a gigantic industry all on its own, which has been recognised as a clear indicator of wealth all across the world for centuries. People with more money can afford to spend much more on designer brands and coats worth several thousand, that’s just the way the world works. Whether you’re going for the classy and refined look, or the street-smart but pockets-loaded-with-cash look, there is something for everyone. 

Brands which have been around for decades that have become almost household names such as Gucci, Prada, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani. These greats of high-fashion have been providing wealthy people with a way to display their refinement and aloofness for as long as most people can remember. 

However, within the now more established streetwear industry, more expensive brands have been popping up all over the place as well. Designer brands such as Off-White, Billionaire Boys Club or A Bathing Ape to name a few, have been keeping themselves true to the casual demeanour of usual streetwear, but with their own little twist which is now also widely recognised. If you want to feel like a million bucks when leaving the house without feeling too fancy, that is now also an option What a time to be alive!
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