Budget-Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe


We’re in the midst of the cold winter days and the long nights, and yet you are staring longingly at your wardrobe looking at ways to refresh it for the upcoming transitional seasons. If you’re a bit of a fashionista, then it’s only natural for you to want to go ahead and add more items to your wardrobe as the trends change. 

The problem is that in January, almost everyone is on a tight, post-Christmas budget. Don’t panic, though! There are so many things that you can do to pinch the pennies while you get the upgrade that your wardrobe so desperately needs. Check out the tips below to get that frugal update now:

Shop The Closet: People are doing this more and more! It’s time to get every single item out of your closet and onto the floor, bed, essentially any surface you can find. You can’t upgrade your wardrobe without knowing exactly what you have in stock, and taking an inventory of your items could throw up some surprise items you've forgotten.

  • In-Depth Inventory: Whilst you’re writing down every single item, check them all over. You may count out three different types of a winter coat, but you need to know whether to start looking for Stitch It coat zipper repair near you. It’s no good having more than one coat in good condition if the ones you have are falling to pieces and need repair.

  • List It: You shouldn’t head off to the store without a list in hand. The items on the display are far too tempting if you go without knowing exactly what your wardrobe needs. Keep it as simple as possible and only buy what your list needs. You don’t have to go too plain, but if your list says you need three tops, just buy three!

  • Cash Only: Using a slice of plastic to buy clothes can get very dangerous, very quickly. You can’t see the money that is disappearing through your fingers, and this can get expensive. Take only the cash budget that you have for clothes and pay for your items with money. You can stick to budget far easier this way.

  • Last Season: It sounds lovely to always be on-trend, but those last season sales are a total goldmine when you have a budget to stick to and a wardrobe to update. You can be a little less fashion-forward to get the budget score that you need, and the sales often mean that you can get double the number of items. 
  • Think, investment and quality pieces that will last versus buying sale items for the sake of it being on sale.

  • Save, Save, Save:
  • Coupons Out. Going online and searching for coupons should absolutely be your go-to before you head out to the mall to get your new clothes. The more money you can save, the more you have for other clothing items. Take the time to do your coupon search in the week leading up to your trip so you are armed and ready. Even grab those Smartphone codes to help!

Shopping on a budget doesn’t have to be boring, especially when the options feel limitless. If you can you should always, shop well, shop smart and shop cheap. You won’t regret it. Some of my favourite and most worn designer pieces have been the ones that I acquired at bargain pricing.
This is a collaboratively written post.

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