Sustainable Holiday Décor


As much as I do love traditional colours for the holidays, this year I am bringing you diverse ways to decorate for the festive season. Some inspiration may include ruby and emerald hues but one of my favourite theme elements is probably blending rustic and contemporary pieces together. 

Viva Terra has an incredible collection of eco-friendly home living products, from décor accents to kitchen entertaining. It’s always inspiring to see the work of sustainable pieces that are of great quality as well as practical. 

Tree-Hugging Opulence: 
Add a touch of the outdoors with a nature-inspired setting--the tiered wood slice serving tray that I used will give you the right amount of rustic aesthetics to your decor.  

Made responsibly from sustainably harvested wood, each tier has character and is one-of-a-kind due to the pieces being genuine wood slices so the natural cracks and undulations are present in the grain.  

The tiered wood slices were ideal, in my opinion, to give my gourmet goods outdoor/indoor glam. I was surprised with an early Christmas gift from my mum, with some fresh black winter truffles. I have memories of going with her to the chef markets and watching her select items for catering that day. When I first learnt about truffles and tasted them in various ways, they immediately became a favourite. I may need to do a whole other post on truffles entirely.  

I decide on making a savoury tart using black truffles, with chanterelles in a home-made French truffle sauce and savoury crustTarts are one of my favourites because they are quite versatile for occasions—from sweet to savoury—dressed up with complex seasoning or simplified by the list of ingredients.  

Decorating with metal can add such a unique element to your room. I used this recycled metal leaf garland on the table—it adds a contemporary and antique beauty to the styling. The coppery coloured finish went along with my rustic nouveau theme. There’s nothing like dancing candlelight and chose a lotus flower votive. It gave the décor a hint of divine beauty amongst the harder pieces, symbolising purity, the candle also added a calmness to the table. 

Customising The Theme: 
If you want to get a little creative, then try a chalkboard concept in an unconventional way. I am keen on reinventing the wheel when it comes to using simple pieces. I used chalkboard wrapping paper for my table board. Then, I used gold paint pens to write Happy Holidays in various languages of my guests 

You may also notice gold music notes on the tableused washi tape to create abstract sections of the table. This was also for a music-inspired game that I hosted. Games are always fun with guests, just choose wisely, and have at least two to select from. Since this had a semi-holiday theme, I played named that tune and used the table as our designated game board. Get crafty, there’s no wrong way to do it, as long as you know your guests! 

HappySalty Tales: An Education 
There are many reasons to love using pink Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt provides a natural source of minerals to your body, as mentioned previously. It has a multitude of health benefits, including pH balance for your body and reducing acid reflux, amongst other benefits, this mineral is a wonderful way to flavour your food whilst cooking your gourmet favourites.  

Viva Terra’s lovely range of Himalayan salt cooking and serving essentials includes a mortar and pestle, and a variety of blocks. 

Himalayan salt blocks can be used to grill, cure, serve, and chill your food. I love using the salt blocks because they are excellent cooking surfaces and raise the flavour calibre of your food when being used, so your food has a more complex taste. 

typically like to use salmon and scallops but it also works well for vegetables and fruits without overpowering the taste. This time, I prepared gravlax and tomatoes with fresh basil and an aged Irish Whiskey cheddar, which tasted amazing on the salt block. You can buy the block here. 

Which VivaTerra pieces are your favourites?

What do you think of our eco-friendly and gourmet party décor? 

The goods: Sponsored.*Recycled Metal Leaf Garland, Tiered Wood Slice Tray, Himalayan Salt Block, Lotus Votive-Courtesy of VivaTerra, Chalkboard paper (Buy it),Gold doilies-(Buy it) or Buy it in (rose gold), Wood cutting block-(Buy it), Porcelain ramekins-, Washi Tape-Oriental Trading-c/o. Shop the holiday collection or view more sustainable homeware and kitchen essentials here. Sponsor links enlcosed in this post. All content and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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