5 Reasons To Travel Abroad


Most people plan a holiday abroad for the summer, but there are advantages to taking a winter getaway instead. Whether it’s that last-minute holiday destination or a vacation planned for next year, there are several reasons why you may want to book a holiday in winter.
1. It’s Inexpensive
Hotel rates and flight costs can be massively reduced in winter. This is because there’s less demand to go on holiday at this time of year and companies in the tourist trade compete a lot more to get business. There is an exception to this rule – the period over Christmas and New Year is generally a bit pricey due to the masses travelling home to see their families and loved ones. Additionally, if you want to fly in style, using a jet, the option and investment of jet fractional ownership might be ideal for you. However, January through to March is certain typically much cheaper in many countries.
2. There are fewer crowds
Winter is a great time to avoid the crowds if you don’t want to be fighting for a sunbed. It can also be a great time to visit many attractions for this reason – you won’t have to deal with huge time-consuming queues. It’s certainly a great time to book tickets to Disneyland Paris – certain rides may be shut for refurbishment, but you’re still likely to get on double the number of rides than you might in the height of summer.
3. More Sun Time
There are still plenty of places in the world where you can get some winter sun. Europe might be off-limits, although the Canary Islands and several places in the med may still be warm enough to wear a t-shirt. There may be some great Costa Rica tours to check out around this time of the year, as well as Caribbean cruises – both Central America and the Caribbean are still hot in winter. Meanwhile, South East Asia is also still hot if you fancy lazing around on a Thai beach. Added to these locations, you’ve got the entire southern hemisphere to try out if you’re looking for sun – our summer is their winter. All in all, there are loads of places to get your fix of vitamin D and wash away the January blues.
4. Make The Most of Snow
Alternatively, you could embrace the winter cold by visiting a ski resort. It’s a slightly more active style of vacation compared to lazing on a beach, however, you still get the chance to try spa treatment in the evenings and go drinking and eat great food. There are ski resorts all across the world that may allow you to experience all kinds of new cultures.
5. Selected Seasonal Events 
There are lots of events that you can only catch during winter. Christmas is the most obvious one – many cities host a Christmas market, especially popular in Europe, which can be great for getting into the festive spirit. However, there are other events to look out for such as Chinese New Year in February, as well as various carnivals across Latin America.

What are your favourite places to travel?

This is a collaboratively written post.