Blog Tales: Take Eight


This year I’ve learned to let some things go, let some negative people go, and not to worry about keeping up too much with social media even though a few peers told me, it wasn’t a good call! Still, I trusted my instincts. Guess what? It worked. 

You probably noticed last year, I started to take more social breaks. This year, because of so many other work priorities and opportunities, I decided that once a week I would take time and dedicate it to being completely unplugged. Afterwards, I always come back and feel rejuvenated.  

I have to say, it may not be for everyone but it certainly helped to balance my life. Not to mention, I never feel guilty about missing things because I am living in the present and enjoying life as it should be. Of course, a few snapshots here and there are great, however, for me, photographing every single private moment is not my style!  

It may not seem like it but it has actually been an incredible year for me and my blog and even though life gets busy, (and I mean, so, very busy), I am always immensely grateful to read your genuine feedback and comments. I love visiting your blog spaces when I get the chance to catch up on posts.  

Blogging can be unpredictable—you never know who you might inspire or who is watching your blogSurprises sometimes come from the most unlikely places. That is why kindness and staying true to yourself go far. You also have to realise that you cannot please everyone. 

I am fortunate to be able to mix some of my work life with much of what I do on this site—that’s why entertaining, lifestyle décor, and food  (obviously) is so important here. Fashion will always be my background but it has been a delight to share more tips on home décor, table styling, entertaining and foodie inspirations for you and I cannot wait for the next chapter 

As for future tales, there will be more DIYs as requested by many of you, and although I am not certain if an outfit or two will come on the blog, I will say to keep your eyes peeled to Instagram, perhaps, I might surprise you! 

Lastly, I just want to tell you to honestly never give up, and above all, just be you! When you are, everything else will eventually fall into place. My journey is a true testament to that.  

Humbled and Proud 
I am celebrating eight years with this blog. Happy 8th Blog Anniversary, FASHION TALES! It‘s you, dearest dedicated followers that make it all worthwhile. As I go down memory lane, what has been some of your favourite bits this year on FASHION TALES?  


  1. Totally inspirational post, darling! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁


    1. Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! xx