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Weddings are special times—moments in one’s life that should trump everything else. It’s also a great reason to celebrate lavishly and in a grand way. If this is the sort of reception you are considering, look no further for some of the best ideas and suggestions to inspire you. These ideas will enable you to throw an elaborate wedding with some serious old school grandeur.  
The Dress
Don't listen to anyone that says the dress isn't important when planning your wedding. In fact, if you are looking for old school glamour, it's essential to get the dress right, as it sets the tone for the entire day. 
You really want to go for high-end and quality bit this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. That means checking out wedding dress brands like Pnina that stock those big ball gown type affairs that are drenched in bling. Okay, it may look a bit showy in the dressing room, but think about the impact it will have in a huge church or when you are dancing in a grand hall as well. If bling isn’t your thing, perhaps a twist of classic and princess gowns are featly accurate for your style. After all, you are the bride and you definitely don't want to fade into the background. 

If you need some advice on this important purchase do check out before you start to shop. 
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The Venue 
Obviously, the key choice when you’re planning a wedding that is seriously grand is selecting your location. Community halls and back yards need not apply! 
Instead, you are looking for a reception hosting venue, resort or country club that is spacious and luxurious decked out. If you can find one like the one at that has the historical architecture to boot, then you are on the right path. 

Just make sure that the place you pick has plenty of experience catering for large and opulent weddings. This way, it is less stressful and you can let the experts do what they do, so very well.

The Food 
Wedding food is one thing that most guests will remember once the day is over and done with, something that is discussed in greater detail at That means you have to get it right and if you are going for grandeur and opulence then a buffet served in metal trays with a crust gently forming over the dishes is not the right choice. Instead, to be as grand as possible go for table service. 
The Decorations 
Last, of all, you're decorations for a grand wedding need to be equally as luxe as the surroundings. In fact, if you are clever you can combine the luxury of the room you have hired with the decorations you use to create an impressive ambience. 
Think, a lavish spray of flowers, baroque and gilded accents, and high-end finishes. Especially on things like chair covers and crockery to add to the oh so grand atmosphere.
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