Charm Beyond The Bitter Cold [Accessories]


Seasonal changes come around and demand a different approach to everyday life. Winter is merciless and only rewards those who have prepared. Changing the way you live, dress, eat and manage the time during your day must become part and parcel of living in the cold. It's quite sad to see those who just aren’t ready or like the cold, looking like an inexpensive version of an Eskimo. Fashion doesn’t have to die down just because there’s snow and frost blanketing the landscape. This is more so true if you live in a large city where clothing styles dance with the seasonal shift like an old married couple. There’s always a chance to be creative and express your personality with what styles you have at your disposal. As clothes get thicker and longer, it's the perfect opportunity to dress with charm.
Classic Chicago overcoat
The city of bitter cold and blustery gusts that wrap the streets in a bone-crushing chill, Chicago fashion lives on. It's called the “windy city” for a reason; the temperatures are made to feel even more drastic because of the waves of cold wind. A beige, ankle-length faux fur double-breasted overcoat exudes timeless style. The double-breasted design puts added layers toward the front of the coat. This allows the sides to be pinched inward and wrap around your back and arm areas. This style also protects your legs from any winds, defeating other knee-length or waist-high overcoats. 
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Sterling silver glisten 
You wouldn’t seem to think so, but jewellery is still and always will be part of winter styles that charms. However gold doesn’t really merge well with the white background of the snow-covered land. Therefore it is shunned and left only for the interior decor of homes, preferably ones with a fireplace so the flames can dance with the gold.

Independent charms like those on soufeel are going to give you the ability to make your own bracelet. Made from 92 ½ sterling silver, an intricately designed snowflake charm captures and plays with any form of light. Sterling silver snowflake earrings look splendid with clear blue stones as the tips and the centre. Mixing it up a bit, a polar bear charm that has dainty eyes, a 3D body and welcoming arms is a great addition to your necklace. 
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Sleek leather
Heels can be worn during the cold, but it's wise to be wary about what kind of material. Do not give suede the time of day by believing rumours that it will insulate your feet. Stick to good old leather. The heel shouldn’t be tall, and the base should be square. The toe can reach as far back to the middle of your feet also. However, stick to black sheep or deer leather as they’re by far the best at stopping your toes from going numb.
A classic or traditional fashion style during the cold is both elegant and one that shows the wearer to value substance. 

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