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Mgrandparents unceasingly used holistic healing methods for any sickness or allergy-related issues I had growing up but also for overall health. Coming from a family who has used natural healing remedies almost always before any Western medicine, it means a great deal to me when I can find a good natural essential oil brand to add to my (homespun apothecary) arsenal. 

DōTerra is a company that offers essential oils for every need with a range of oils that can be used for versatile applications: internal, topical, aromatic and for sensitive skin. I recently tried several of their oils for various purposes.  
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DōTerra was founded on the basic principles of helping people. The extraction methods are (temperature and pressure) monitored and carefully regulated; a complex process that also includes selecting plant parts and species harvested at the proper times for premier product. Their citrus oils are cold-pressed, the oil is extracted from the product under pressure. Each essential oil is thoroughly tested using stringent regulations, (via their own regulations). 

DōTerra's oils are globally sourced. The company works alongside actual chemists, botanists worldwide, as well as partnering with medical clinics, universities, farmers.

The brand has Co-Impact Sourcing, creating sustainable work and dependable income for underdeveloped areas. This initiative supports the harvesters and growers to arrange co-op groups, collectively sharing the advantages whilst improving magnitude and skillset. 

The Oils:
Lavender: This distinct flowery oil can aid with peaceful sleep, anxiety and skin irritationsIt's a pantry favourite herb, and as an essential oil, I use it often for calmative effects, as an insect repellent, and making small wardrobe sachets. 

Lemon: This is a wonderfully potent and clean aroma. A drop of lemon juice from freshly squeezed lemon does wonders in the morning for me. Doing a steam facial and inhaling lemon essential oil can also be beneficial by waking up your body. I also added a few drops to my natural cleaning solution and hand soap dispenser as well for a fresh scent. Lemon oil can eliminate odours, support respiratory function, and cleanse the body. 

On Guard: This oil is a proprietary blend and one of my top selections out of everything--it can also be used as a non-toxic cleaning agent when dilutedIt has a mix of cinnamoneucalyptusclove, wild orange, and rosemary essential oils to protect against environmental threats, support a healthy immune system   

Bergamot: I used this in a fish & rice dish that I prepared: smoked bergamot with lemon and salmon. Bergamot looks similar to lemons, as an oil, it's a beautifully soothing oil that is citrus, in a different way than lemon (similar to lemon and orange mixed together with a spicy note). Use this oil topically for skin benefits: calming, or healing acne scars, as well as a tonica vulnerary oil for healing wounds. 

Wild Orange: This is a lovely citrusy fragrant scent cold-pressed from the peel that can be used in your cleanser for purifying or add it to your air-spray bottle to freshen up a room. Citrus oils in general are wonderful scents to uplift an environment and one's mood.

Thoughts & Versatility: 
For the past several years, I have been using plant-based essence oilsbeyond traditional or healing purposes—particularly in my culinary creations. To be honest, one of my favourite reasons that I really enjoyed these essential oils are because of their efficacy. I decided to test out serving essential oil-infused baked goods to my friends. The result was a potent flavour captured in every bite

Before cooking or using these, one must really get educated on essential oils in general. All oils cannot be taken internally. In general essential oils are highly concentrated, some oils are more concentrated than others, essential oils are aromatic compounds derived from the roots, stems, flowers, seeds, and even bark areas of the plants. I highly recommend that you take the time to learn about the oils you choose, in doing so you will find the best ways to use them for your own purposes.    

Home Environment:
All of these essential oils worked favourably in the maple wood Lumo Diffuser (ultrasonic tech diffuser). I have a humidifier for our master room but I really liked how compact this diffuser was designed and used it in the reception area of our homeIt's shockingly powerful for such a small-scale product. This has coverage of 540 sq. Ft., custom time extensions, and comes in continuous two to five hours, and ten-hours (intermittent with five minutes on/off) intervals to select from as well as seven light colour options. 
have to say, so far, I am impressed overall in the qualityAnd, with so many other essential oil brands out there, it's good to know how your oils are being produced, and that the company upholds ethical practices. I am excited to try more odōTerra's products in the future. 

If you aren’t certain which single oils to acquire, the touch blends might be perfect for you, they are roll-on blended ready-to-use essential oils (also child-safe and sensitive skin-friendly).  

Do you use essential oils? What do you think of dōTerra's oils? 

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, and not to be internally, especially in high doses without proper research and an experienced herbalist, or consent from a physician. It is important to understand alternative methods and holistic healing elements are not for everyone but are natural ways of promoting health and wellness. 

The goodsEssential oils, and Lumo Diffuser-Courtesy of dōTerra, a FASHION TALES partner. Shop the essential oil collection here. *As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. 

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