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Best copper Cookware

With sophistication in the very core of their design aesthetic, it's difficult not to love Mepra's offerings. 
Of course, as you already know, when it comes to items of copper drenched beauty, it's all right up my street. Last time, I introduced you to the elegance of uniquely designed bronze cutlery. 

In continuation with my copper series, today, I wanted to show you two kitchenware pieces from a collection for any cook to love … and also salivate a bit. The Toscana collection is just that! This line blends the appeal of luxury design and function together with an opulent fineness. 

For an entertaining evening with friends or even a weekend candlelit dinner, what's better than a really elegant yet comforting meal together? I decided on making a seafood dish, inspired by holidaying in Spain. Not exactly Basque country but I also captured inspiration from Italian kitchensa seafood paella and comforting crawfish and scallop linguini with a lobster and white wine sauce. Yes, it was as delicious as it looks. 

I have to say, these pans are absolutely gorgeous and if you can believe it or not, the images are only a mere glimmer of how beautiful they truly are up-close in-person. No matter if it's daylight or evening candlelight, they are stunning at every angle. What's more, both styles are even better to cook in.

Best copperware Mepra

Mepra copper pans consist of three layers: a copper exterior, and aluminium separator, with a stainless steel (18/10) interior. Firstly, for these new copper pans, you need to wash them thoroughly with boiling water, then dry them with a clean cloth, one that is soft enough to not leave a streak when drying. This cookware can be used on an electric or gas hob and in the oven; it also comewith a lifetime warranty. 

Luxury Copper Cookware

Benefits & Beauty:
Since copper is such a great conductor of heat, you will experience more even cooking. These are well-made and provide the benefit of stainless steel and copper, as the aluminium forms a bond between the thermal conductivity of the copper and stainless-steel interior. You really get the best of both worlds with the stainless-steel inside, and the durable versatility of non-reactive interior lining (you can cook pretty much any type of food in it). 

Copper pans will not only make your cookery more attractive and stylish but they are excellent for top-range cooking. I do find that I like to have a variety of cookware. If you're a novice to cookery essentials, I highly recommend investing in the following: a copper pan, cast-iron skillet, Dutch oven and an optional portable induction hob. These aforementioned items are great go-to pieces to have in a cook's kitchen, or for anyone willing to improve their skills with the right cookware fundamentals.  

Do you have copper kitchenware? What do you think of the Toscana collection?  

The goodsToscana Frying Pan copper with Lid-size 26 cm, and Toscana Saucepan copper with Lid-size 016 cm-Provided by The Luxury Art Mepraa FASHION TALES blog media partner. Shop the collection or view more from Toscana here. *As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. 
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