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After an extended holiday and a rejuvenating self-care retreat, I am back with a special post for you lovelies! 

You have read about some of my favourite essential oils and alternative uses that I have been doing, as mentioned in this post. Now, I have recently used some of dōTERRA's lifestyle and personal products, including one of their essential oil-based skincare lines.  

As I previously told you, essential oils will always be in my arsenal, whether used in the kitchen or pulled from my aromatherapy cabinet. Here, I'll introduce you to a few others that you may not have known about or used entirely—below I will break down some alternative uses. 

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With the custom skincare kit, you choose the items that are right for your need. I chose the following: 

  • 1. Facial Cleanser 118ml: cleanses the skin for a healthy and smooth tone. Made with Yucca root extract, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Macadamia seed oil (for conditioning), Peppermint oil, and Soapbark extract to gently wash away impurities. This foams up nicely on its own, and very easily with a dash of water. 

  • 2. Invigorating Scrub 70g: made with botanical and fruit extracts, including Jasmine, Mandarin Orange, biodegradable jojoba esters (for skin hydration & polishing), and Greater Burdock Extract for toning and purifying the skin. Claims: to massage and gently exfoliate whilst still hydrating skin, and it does just that. 

  • 3. Tightening Serum 30ml: uses natural extracts and gums to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Perhaps, because I don't have any wrinkles or lines, that is why I saw nothing although tightening effects seemed non-existent as well. This serum also has anti-ageing benefits with Hawaiian Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh. Perfluorodecalin to rejuvenates skin & improve elasticity. Betaine for skin cell protection against dehydration. 

  • 4. Pore Reducing Toner 118ml: just as the cleanser and scrub, this toner is refreshing and instantly gives my skin a tingling feeling. Claims: visibly reduces pores. Did it work? Yes. Made with essential oils: Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and German Chamomile, ideal for sensitive skin, calming effects and with plant extracts to balance the skin. I used this after travelling to calm my skin due to environmental allergies and my skin was relieved right away from the German Chamomile. 

  • I have used many skincare brands with blends of essential oils but never one solely based on essential oils. I can already tell you that overall, I did love this set despite the serum. If you have sensitive skin this line is ideal for you. *9/10 

(Above): Upper left facial cleanser, lower: invigorating scrub. 

My mum used it as incense oil sometimes around the house when she was cleaning. I have only used Myrrh a few times before this. 

Even from ancient times and in the biblical days, Myrrh was used; at which during those times it was said that Myrrh valued its weight in gold. Straight from the Myrrh tree, the essential oil comes from the tree's gummy resin. Method of extraction: steam distillation. 

Benefits: Inhibits microbial growth. It prevents microbial infections, including food poisoning, infected wounds and fever with no adverse side effects. Myrrh also fights against fungal infections, both internally and externally. 

Other uses: Myrrh is ideal for promoting emotional balance and well-being. From easing your stomach to health cleansing benefits for mouth hygiene, there are plenty of ways to use this oil. 

Clary Sage:   
Admittedly, my sister was responsible for getting me into clary sage many years ago. Many females in the family have used clary sage for regulating their menstrual cycle and warding off painful cramps and stomach pains.   

Clary Sage hasn't an overwhelming scent, albeit it has a coniferous (think of a resin-like forest scent), herbaceous and woody aroma. Method of extraction: steam distillation. 

Benefits: Want even more beautiful skin? Add clary sage to your skincare regimen for a radiant complexion. Due to the linalyl acetate naturally found in it, this essential oil diminishes inflammation and skin rashesIt's also favourable for both dry and oily skin.  

Other uses: This oil has been used to work as a sedative as well as stress relief. Clary Sage oil calms the nerves, and studies have shown that it boosts self-esteem, potentially working as an anti-depressant to stabilise anxiety episodes. Clary sage has antiseptic properties and can be used on wounds to prevent (septic germs) the affected area from getting infected.  

This oil comes from the rinds of the grapefruit (peels). A natural mood-lifting oil, grapefruit essential oil has been referred to as one of the "Seven Wonders of Barbados, also known as a "forbidden fruit," and Citrus paradise around the globe. Scientifically, due to its large size, it is also known as Citrus MaximaBenefits include invigorating, energy boosting properties. 

Method of extraction: cold-pressed.  
Aroma: it's a beautifully refreshing floral, and fruity scent that is fragrant and citrus. 

Benefits: It's a great disinfectant because it has antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Effective treatments for stomach, intestinal, and urinary system.   

Grapefruit essential oils can also be used to remove toxins from the body, due to its activity as a lymphatic substance (fighting issues with rheumatism, and gout) and as a brain stimulant, resulting in more active and positive effects on the mind and body.  

Other usesDo you need something to fight blemishes or to clear skin? Add grapefruit essential oil to your facial regimen to improve the appearance of blemishes. To avoid skin irritation, a caution for most all citrus oils is to avoid strong sun exposure. Just like eating grapefruit to support a healthy metabolism, this grapefruit essential oil can be diffused and used internally. 

Whilst travelling, sometimes I get quite motion sick. Generally, I keep ginger tea and anise seed tablets in my carryall. The Digest Zen tablets work just as good and without needing to steep a tea bag. All-natural ingredients, including Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, Coriander, and Anise seed. This naturally balances and neutralises the excess acid with calcium carbonate, and helps with digestion, soothe occasional stomach upset, flatulence and maintain overall digestive health with no side effects.

I also had the pleasure to use dōTERRA's proprietary blend, Beautiful. It's an uplifting scent blending Osmanthus, Lime, Bergamot, and Frankincense. The aroma is a gorgeous scent that is striking as well as relaxing. As soon as I whipped it out in the airport—one rub on each wrist—people immediately complimented me and asked, "what is that perfume?" It's subtle, light, fragrant and unique. Overall, I loved the skincare line and if you want to splurge on natural ingredients, it's definitely worth it. 

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, and not to be internally, especially in high doses without proper research and an experienced herbalist, or consent from a physician. It is important to understand alternative methods and holistic healing elements are not for everyone but are natural ways of promoting health and wellness. 

What do you think of these essential oil-based natural products?

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, and not to be taken daily, especially in high doses without proper research and/or consent from a physician. It is important to understand alternative methods and holistic healing elements are not for everyone but are natural ways of promoting health and wellness. 

The goods: Essential oils & Skincare line-Courtesy of dōTERRA Digest ZenTablets, a FASHION TALES media blog partner. Shop the collection here or view more about the brand's mission here. *All content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own.  

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