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For many, a good start of the day entails an early morning brew, whether it be tea or coffee. For most of the British public, that involves a cuppa. Whichever is your preference, one thing is certain, you need the right kitchenware.  

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When a friend or family member visits, first things first, I switch on the kettle to boil, if I haven't done so already, then ask if they would like tea. You will likely get offered tea, even for a quick drop-in. Of course, biscuits and home-baked delights are consequential accompaniments, and rightfully so. Just like heading over to mum’s house or a weekend visit to my grandmother's place, the response is generally a resounding, “Yes, please!" 

Newey & Bloomer have created thoughtfully designed kettles to be cherished in homes for generations. One of those is the iconic "Simplex" kettle, a design that was patented in the early 1900s 

Copper Kettles Simplex

Complementary Processions: 
Even after more than 100 years of kettle production, the quality and ethos of the brand is unwavering. Now, these iconic whistling kettles can be enjoyed in homes globally, an uptick that's a quality investment piece for patrons. Namely, since there has been a resurgence of copper being used in the art and design world, there's no better time to adorn your kitchen space with a copper kettle of your own. 

The 'Simplex' Kettles by Newey & Bloomer were re-established last year. Do be careful though, as there are many kettles with a similar look, however, all authentic kettles made by Newey & Bloomer are made in Birmingham, England and will have a stamp with "Made in England." 

Newey & Bloomer Simplex

It's All About Versatility! 
We enjoyed a casual yet modern afternoon tea party using a copper kettle, as seen in these images. The beauty of this style [The Kensington] is that it can be used for both gas and electric hobs, which makes the perfect gift when you are uncertain what type of stove the recipient has. With even heat distribution from the copper, the kettle also works well for pouring into a French press or any pour-over coffee maker. If you're a kettle person, this one is a luxurious keeper and a generational favourite.

There’s a reason why this British heritage brand has passed the centenary mark, and still at the top of their class. The kettles are 100% lead-free and hand-crafted from natural raw materials with the same care and methods used in the first 'Simplex' kettle produced in 1903. This one has a tin-lined interior and a little bird’s mouth spout at the end. 

Kensington Simplex kettle

Tradition & Suited For Royalty: 
The Kensington was named in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria's birthplace (Kensington Palace), the monarch reigning during the time at the outset of Newey & Bloomer, 1850. 

So, why is this brand such an absolute favourite amongst many tea drinkers? There's nostalgia deep in the roots of the design.  

For hurried mornings, sure, an electric kettle may suffice. But, tea is an experience, not just something to grab with swiftness in route to work—there are moments for a proper cuppa.  

Even in this digital age that we live in, where everyone seems to want everything sharpishor precisely yesterday, in fact. Slow moments are good. Keep them. Make them a priority. Cherish them forever.  

I found this particular kettle to function well, reminding me of a similar one of my grandmother's. Although, if you have owned any piece of copperware then you know it will take work to maintain. Cleaning and proper care are essential for copper. If you are a newcomer to solid copper possessions, don't fret! The caring process takes patience, yet it can be a breeze for any tenderfoot willing to learn about their new luxury investment.   

What do you think of this Simplex kettle? 

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