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If you're a coffee drinker in any way, this post is dedicated to you. Family-owned, Don Pablo Coffee produces small-batch goods—quality coffees that are artisan roasted and packed with flavour.  

I had the pleasure of tasting several choice coffees (whole bean) from their range, including the Subtle Earth Organic coffee, the Signature Blend, Guatemala and Classic Italian Espresso. 

For the Coffee Drinker:  

Classic Italian Espresso 
This Italian espresso blend is a beautiful velvety dark roast, and if you are a keen coffee drinker, then you will immediately understand why it's popular. It has a clean finish. The beans strong, bold and fragrant. A low acidity roast, this espresso has a hint of dark chocolate notes.  

This is a wonderful medium-dark roast and smooth blend with instant notes of chocolate. It has a silky body that tastes really amazing on its own and even better with a splash of cream, or plant-based milk. It has a clean finish with hints of caramel and cocoa, but not overpowering. This blend was consumed rather quickly amongst us all.

For the Mild to Experienced Coffee Drinker: 

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee
Admittedly, when it comes to organic blends some of the ones I have tried in the past often tasted either too bold or lacked in flavour quality. This can be especially dreadful when serving mounds of coffee to coffee enthusiasts during dinner parties, which is why I usually stick to espresso. The Subtle Earth Organic doesn’t lack in either. I like to use a French Press, my favourite copper cafetière works well to extract the pure flavour of the coffee. If you're wondering if organic coffee really is different in taste. In short, yes, it is.  

This Certified Organic coffee has a deep and rich, slight cocoa and caramel taste with scant notes of honey, of which you can smell upon the first inhalation from the bag. This is a Honduran coffee (Marcala region), free of insecticides and chemicals used in the process. In fact, the fruit of the bean (the cherries) is composted and used as fertilisation and vermiculture.   

So, how does Don Pablo’s freshly roasted organic coffee fare with even the anti-coffee drinker? Very well. I was on a mission, testing out the organic whole bean coffee—a medium dark roast—blind-tasted (sans cream and sweetener) collectively by a handful of friends and family who aren’t massive coffee drinkers. The results were impressively a win and it was clear to me why the brand has received awards for their coffee. 

Signature Blend 
This medium body coffee is a medium-dark roast that makes a great early morning brew or dessert accompaniment. This tasted rich but also when drinking just black, it seemed somewhat milder than the organic. The Signature blends tasted great with cream and a dash of sweetener. Blended for most complexity in flavour with Guatemala, Brazil and Colombia distinctive coffee elements, this cocoa-hued blend has low-acidity.  

Why We Loved It: 
  • They produce non-GMO coffee. It's 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Freshly harvested and grown in Colombia by Don Pablo Coffee, regionally small-batch roasting in the States as well as procuring the rest from global farmers in their Sharing Certified programme. 
  • The use of art with science in the roasting process allows the natural sugars from the coffee beans to caramel through heating to bring out the best taste.  
  • They maintain relationships with the local farmers.
  • There are no fillers in their beans and the way it is roasted, therefore the beans are rich in natural flavours resulting in a pleasant aftertaste.  

Overall, all of these coffees are of great quality but my favourites were the organic coffee, espresso and Guatemala roasts. Check out the peanut butter truffles that I made (above) using the espresso blend, and the coffee cake made using the Signature blend. Yes, the day was pretty much complete after that! 

What do you think of these special blends? Have you also tried organic coffee? 

 The goodsClassic Italian Espresso, Subtle Earth Organic Coffee, Pablo's Pride Guatemala, and the Don Pablo Specialty Sampler Box, Provided by Don Pablo Coffee, Tea Towel-Gudrun Sjoden-c/o, Vintage Cake Plate-Cracker Barrel-c/o. View the range and shop the coffee here. *As always, all opinions and content are honestly expressed and my own. View the coffee cake recipe here.

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