Country Comfort [Farmhouse] Décor


When it comes to cottage life and countryside décor, I always think of my mum’s kitchen. Growing up, no matter where we moved to, there were always dashes of Farmhouse elegance or English homey nooks that had a modern aesthetic in some way.  

Here, I am featuring some beautiful pieces by American heritage brand, Cracker Barrel; merging a sort of country ardour that evokes the ever-embracing down-home vibe to love. This time, vintage elements take a front seat with the help of contemporary accents from the aptly named Farmhouse Collection.  

I decided to use vintage-inspired cake plates (white metal pedestals) and my vintage milk bottles for this setting—the French milk bottle is a repeat for summery weekend brunches in our backyard. Overall, the mood is quite a bit of shabby chic, and all pieces can be styled alone. The nostalgic farmhouse menu sign brought everything together. Now, all I need to do is shift all of these charming components into my country kitchen. 

I am in the process of designing a few DIY projects, including some homeware accents. I know, it has been a long time since I’ve done painted crafts so this should be a lot of fun and very inspiring. I shall update you in the near future if you follow me on Instagram. 

Here are some of my top selections for affordable farmhouse décor: 

Styling Corners & Country Accents:  
If you're looking for bits of vintage flair perhaps use these metal pedestals to hold your candles, small planters or anything that strikes your fancy to add charm to your corner. I found it refreshing to use them in several ways and I'm looking forward to displaying these pedestals on tables near my herb and succulent vivarium. 

For guests staying over your home, the square cork basket set is ideal to store fresh linens or even a handmade 'welcome basket' of personal gifts and toiletries. The wide cork baskets are made very well. They are plenty sturdy and can be worked into wall art if you prefer. *Tip: use the smallest size in your larder storage or pantry for storing root vegetables, potatoes, onions, etc.  

Crowd Pleasers: 
Perhaps, you’re looking for a rustic décor accent that will be a statement piece as well as a functional element for entertaining? If that is the case, the chalkboard menu stand is what you could easily adore. Some exclusive features to love about this antiquesque piece is the two-way element—the stand is tall at 60 cm/nearly 24”—which makes it easy for guests to view an entire (double-sided) menu at the table or smartly positioned in an open kitchen. I absolutely loved this one!  

What do you think of these simple & charming country pieces? 

The goods: Decorative Metal Pedestals, Square Cork Wire Basket Set, Farmhouse sign, Metal 2-Sided Chalkboard on Stand-Cracker Barrel-c/o. Shop the theme and view more from this collection here. All content and opinions are honestly expressed and are my own.  

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