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Anima Mundi Herbals is an organic apothecary with handcrafted dedicated to bringing herbal healing and medicinal practices of ancient wisdom to the massespreserving ancient traditions and formulas. The New York-based brand, houses over 150 global medicines in their plant bar and apothecary, including goods that are ethically wildcrafted from the rainforest.  

As an ardent herbalist, and health and wellness supporter, I tried three items that were on my radar.  

1. Moringa Leaf (moringa oleifera): 170g / 6 oz 
This powder may look a lot like matcha but (green tea) but it has many other antioxidants that make it quite difficult to ignore for any health & wellness devotee. The plant itself is highly esteemed for its health advantages: rich in bioactive compounds and antioxidants as well as containing calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, etc. with low fats, and no harmful cholesterol. 

Native to India but also grown in Africa, Asia, and parts of South America, moringa is a great source of essential nutrients. This plant has helped individuals who lack vitamins, protein and minerals.  

I have to say, this has a slightly different texture than matcha powder when blended (and it does taste earthier) in my opinion, albeit very good and high quality. I found it to be just as versatile.  Initially, I used it more traditionally by making tea, both hot and chilled. I also made a moringa version of my matcha frozen yoghurt (no-churn). It’s as lovely as matcha powder and definitely gave me energy but more importantly, I found it to be delicious.  

Why You Need It: 
Have you ever noticed changes in your health or body due to the environment, especially with a metropolitan lifestyle? Use moringa to shield your immune system from harmful toxins. There are even more remarkable benefits of moringa, including anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory effects and naturally balancing hormones. Studies have also shown improvements in diabetic patients and cancer patients.1 Read more about health benefits here and here 

Anima Mundi's moringa leaf is grown seasonally in either Costa Rica or Jamaica. I like to use this emerald powder by mixing it with matcha tea with a dash of cream or alone with almond milk. Feel free to add your sweetener of choice 

Beauty Tip: Looking for a great facial mask? I made a moringa DIY mask and it made my skin glow, relieving it from allergic reactions due to seasonal pollen, and this cleans the skin so well. Get the recipe here. 

2. Curam Elixir Anti-Ageing Turmeric Elixir: 118 ml / 4 oz 
used the elixir as suggested in a smoothie and juice, but I also like to use products like these in unconventional ways, so I also used it in cooking. A wake me up elixir shot in the morning, bulgur wheat salad for lunch and a good golden curry for dinner certainly allowed me to see this work its magic.   

(Bulgur wheat, radish & feta salad with curam elixir)

Why You Need It: 
A blend of ingredients, such as turmeric root, camu camu peel, mangosteen peel, fresh orange peel, ginger Root, Ylang Ylang flowers, extracted in vegetable glycerine and filtered water. 
This is an interesting formula, as a lot of turmeric-infused concoctions don't taste very pleasant if too much is added. This one is beautiful and tastes good, even taken alone, but certainly should be blended with your water, juice or tea of preference.  

If the ingredient list wasn't enough to entice you on getting that healthy beauty glow alone, this elixir helps to reduce inflammation, as well as improving muscle tissue and skin elasticity. Taste: you get the ginger and turmeric immediately with a smooth lightly sweet orange flavour that's nice and easy to digest.

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3. The Mind: Adaptogenic Brain Tonic: 170g / 6 oz 
You already know that I love using mushrooms in my cooking and in my health routine because of the incredible benefits. This tonic is no exception. I typically use reishi mushroom tea and take it at night for calming and as a natural sleep aid, especially when I am travelling with a chaotic schedule.  
A brown cocoa colour, this earthy and slightly bitter powder mixes easily in a blender or by mere whisking, manually as I did right in our office kitchen. I found that if you’re not used to taking mushroom powders then they can take some getting used to. This one will work for anyone. Try using it in hot cocoa, coffee or even better, black tea 

Why You Need It: 
Mood Enhancing, Brain Focus and Protection. This was the first time that I used this brain tonic, which has ingredients, including organically grown Lions Mane, Gingko extract powder, Brahmi, and Tulsi (Holy Basil) extract — all of which protects the brain by reducing free radicals, enhance and improve well-being, cognitive functions, and known to prevent disease.1  
Ginkgo Biloba, and Brahmi have quite impressive medicinal properties alone — in treating Alzheimer's disease—with improving mental skills and memory. 

I liked to use this best in hot beverages but I did actually use it in cold morning juices for a boost. I tried to use this tonic on days when I knew I’d need to focus heavily to see if it made a difference. I did notice a difference when taking it daily that week. 

Overall, I was really pleased with all of these, even the turmeric elixir. I would definitely repurchase the Moringa powder, and The Mind: Adaptogenic Brain Tonic since I noticed a difference in taking them on a more regular basis.  

If you're looking to try healing herbs, do check out the shop. I pretty much want everything in the apothecary.   

*Anima Mundi supports small businesses and advocates fair-trade practices and plant-based remedies beneficial to everyone. Of course, as with any natural medicinal plant or herb, if you are pregnant or taking any medications, you may want to consult your medical practitioner before consumption. 

Have you tried any of these wonderful ingredients? 

The goods: The Mind: Adaptogen Brain TonicCuram Anti-Aging Turmeric Elixir, and Moringa Leaf-Courtesy of Anima Mundi Herbals. *All content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. *Other references: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, and NCBI. 

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